Signs It May Be Time for Assisted Living

Making the decision to move your parents into assisted living is not easy. You worry that you are offending your parents, and they worry about a lifestyle change. You need to know that today’s assisted living communities aren’t like they used to be.

What to Look for When Considering an Assisted Living Community

When your parents are of an age that you begin to think an assisted living community may be in their best interests, it’s time to talk seriously. It’s not unusual for aging parents to buck the idea of moving out of their homes and into a “center,” simply because they have a misconception of assisted living.

How to Help Your Older Loved Ones Stay Safe on Summer Vacation

The unbearable heat of the summer can be dangerous for everyone, but few are more susceptible to extreme health issues as the elderly. When the temperatures and humidity soar, the elderly are at risk.

As members of an assisted living community in Atlanta, we have seen the ravages of heat on our senior residents. We would like to share ways you can help your older loved ones stay safe on vacation, especially if they experience heat and humidity they aren’t used to.

Top Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease to Watch Out For

Family members become concerned when an elderly loved one begins to exhibit signs of memory loss. Alzheimer’s Disease is often the first thing that comes to mind.

If you believe that your loved one has become forgetful and confused, it’s important that you know the top signs of the disease, according to the Alzheimer’s Association.

Assisted Living Doesn’t Mean the End of Independence

Whether you are a senior facing the prospect of moving into an assisted living community or a person considering moving a loved one into such a community, there is certainly stress involved. For a senior, the words “assisted living” bring to mind a complete lack of independence. Assisted living means being told when to eat, when to go to bed, and even when to shower. Right?

Best Christmas Gifts for Loved Ones in Assisted Living

If you have a loved one in assisted living, you may need help to come up with an excellent gift for them this holiday season. Finding just the right gift for anyone can be challenging, but what do you choose for someone who doesn’t necessarily need anything and won’t necessarily tell you what they want?

Top 5 Best Things About Grayson

Grayson, Georgia is the ultimate small town. With just under 3,000 residents, you get to know your neighbors pretty quickly. Even so, it’s just a short drive away from big city living — though you would never know it just by visiting. It is almost a testimony to days when times were simpler and a Coke cost a nickel.

Living Environments That Reduce Stress in Seniors

When you have lived in the same home for many years, it can be stressful to make a move. It can be tough if you are dealing with ailing health or memory problems. However, there are ways to reduce stress in your new location. Dogwood Forest communities use scientific research to ensure our residents are not dealing with too much stress, besides perhaps what haircut to get from our salon.