Assisted Living Doesn’t Mean the End of Independence

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Residents of an assisted living community tend their gardens in wheelchair accessible containersWhether you are a senior facing the prospect of moving into an assisted living community or a person considering moving a loved one into such a community, there is certainly stress involved. For a senior, the words “assisted living” bring to mind a complete lack of independence. Assisted living means being told when to eat, when to go to bed, and even when to shower. Right?

Not so fast. While the old days of nursing homes didn’t do much to dispel these myths, today’s communities have a vast number of resources at their disposal. There are centers that cater to older adults who don’t have family nearby and would prefer to live in a social community rather than their own home, and there are centers that care for those in hospice. And there are centers for everyone in between.

Assisted Living Communities Are Agile

Assisted living communities today are an excellent option for seniors who need just the right amount of care in order to remain as independent as possible for as long as possible. In some cases, this means that a senior needs help ensuring that they take their medication properly. In other instances, the senior may need help with personal hygiene due to mobility issues. With the added assistance, seniors can actually become more independent, enjoying freedom in their daily lives that was inhibited due to a lack of assistance.

In some assisted living communities throughout the country, independent living and assisted living is combined on the same campus. On these campuses, residents may start off in an independent living apartment and transition to assisted living when necessary. From there, they may move on to a skilled nursing center or a center for dementia care. There are too many possibilities to describe, but the transitions are even more seamless because everything is contained within a single campus.

Find the Right Community for You

For people living in today’s assisted living centers, independence doesn’t have to be let go in favor of care. These centers can provide reassurance for the senior and their families when they need it most. Modern communities offer more than centers of their kind did a decade ago. These communities look and feel more like apartments or condos than hospital rooms. The goals have changed as well. More than helping seniors with end-of-life needs, these communities help aging Americans maintain their independence rather than give it up.

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