Who Said Assisted Living in Grayson Can’t Be Fun?

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Who Said Assisted Living in Grayson Can’t Be Fun?

Assisted Living in Grayson is surrounded by misconceptions. The right senior living community will empower individuals and work hard to maintain their independence and privacy. Dogwood Forest in Grayson’s mission is to ensure seniors have access to the activities and assistance they need to feel right at home. Despite this, we know making the move to assisted living is a huge step. This is why Dogwood is reinventing “assisted living” to mean “enriched living.” Let’s go through a typical active day at Dogwood Forest to show you how comfortable and luxurious enriched living in Grayson can be!

Start your morning with a relaxing yoga session or tai chi class. Regular yoga practice can minimize hypertension and strengthen your bones, especially in those over the age of 55. Tai Chi is often called “Meditation in motion.” Tai Chi has been proven to improve muscle strength, flexibility, balance, and aerobic conditioning. Both yoga and Tai Chi are a great low impact exercise option.

“Although you aren’t working with weights or resistance bands, the unsupported arm exercise involved in tai chi strengthens your upper body,” says internist Dr. Gloria Yeh, an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School. “Tai chi strengthens both the lower and upper extremities and also the core muscles of the back and abdomen.”

Stop by the beauty salon / barber shop for a new look. With access to a fresh haircut right on-site, you’ll always feel and look your best. It’s the little things that can make you feel energized, confident, and positive. When you’re living with a physical disability or unable to drive, a simple errand like getting a haircut can feel like a huge task. Now, your barber is right around the corner!

Meet with friends and family in our bistro or full-service restaurant & bar. When using assisted living in Grayson, there’s no need to drive around looking for the perfect spot to eat. Our full-service restaurant and bar is exactly what you need for a fun night out. We employee skilled chefs and wait staff to give you the best dining experience we can offer.

After dinner, take a walk in our outdoor herb garden, walking trails, or chat beside the outdoor fireplace. A great way to unwind after a long day is to get out and get some fresh air. Walking has been proven to improve cardiovascular health, boost mood, and reduce the risk of disability. At Dogwood in Grayson you can feel safe while also enjoying nature and socializing with other members and staff.

At Dogwood Forest, we want to make sure our assisted living residents know they can still live their lives.


These are just a few examples of why assisted living in Grayson can be fun. We believe that the environment you live in significantly impact the quality of life you live. We believe in purpose-built environments and is dedicated to providing a true sense of community for our senior residents.

Our new Grayson community features 99 total units. This includes 74 assisted living and 25 memory care apartments. It also features a beautiful stone facade, effectively disguise the steel infrastructure within.

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