handsIf you’ve noticed your loved one has been struggling recently to live on their own, it may be time to findcare. Even just forgetting to pay the bills or being unable to maneuver around the house could beindicators they need help. While this may be a stressful process for both you and your loved one, findingthe care they need is the best thing you can do for them.

At Dogwood Forest, we offer different levels of care. Whether your loved just needs occasional assistancewhile still living independently or needs full time care, we can help. It’s important to note that this quiz isnot a substitute for a doctor’s diagnosis or for a full consultation with our staff.


What type of care do you need?

Take our 4-minute Care Questionnaire to help determine which type of care may be the best option for you or your loved one.*

After completing the questionnaire, you can discuss your results with a senior resource counselor and schedule a full assessment to discover if Dogwood Forest is right for you.

* The results of this test should not be used in lieu of a proper medical diagnosis from a doctor and a full assessment from a licensed professional. You should meet with a professional at Dogwood Forest to determine if we can provide the level of care your loved one needs.

During your assessment, a professional at Dogwood Forest will review your loved one’s case and determine if we can help them, and what level of care would be best. This is not a substitute for a medical examination. The results of the assessment are the property of Dogwood Forest.