How to Talk to Your Parents About Assisted Living in Georgia

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Talking to your parents about assisted living in Georgia can be a dreaded conversation for their children or caregivers. What is the best way to communicate your concerns without them taking offense or assuming the worst? How do you convince your parents that assisted living is the best option for them? You are not alone. Although the conversation may be stressful, it is a necessary one for many families.

The place where a senior lives has a major impact on health and well-being, and an attractive and supportive community can improve quality of life and even extend life. Allowing them to be part of the decision- making process is essential when choosing the best Assisting Living Community in Georgia.

How do I talk to my parents about assisted living in Georgia?

  1. Keep an open mind. Understand that the senior in your life may not feel that assisted living is a necessary step for them and their spouse. They also may not be aware of the many benefits of moving to an assisted living facility. Have patience and empathy when speaking to them about it, especially bringing it up the first time. There are dozens of reasons your senior parents may be hesitant. By putting yourself in their shoes, you may be able to understand why.
  2. Treat it as a new beginning. Assisted living is not the end of their independence. For many seniors, the right assisted living facility provides the perfect place to spend their golden years. Get your senior excited about this change by explaining all the amenities and positive experiences they will have access to. Also stress that they will be involved in the decision process on choosing the right location. This will help your senior feel more in control of their future, and excited about the new possibilities it will hold.
  3. Know your options. When searching for the right assisted living community, ask the senior what is important to them when it comes to services and amenities. Do they require one on one care? Memory services? Make a list of the must-have services your senior needs to maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle!
  4. Present a solution. Rather than making your parents feel as though they are a burden, or a problem to be solved, go to them with solutions right off the bat. Provide assisted living options in your area, and a list of services and amenities they offer. Once you dictate what is important to them as mentioned above, it will be easier to decide which community is best for them. Remember to take it slow. If this is the first conversation you are having with your parent about assisted living, they may need time to process and consider their options.


Why Dogwood Forest for Assisted Living in Georgia?

Assisted-living-in-georgia-dogwood-forestAt Dogwood Forest, we understand that seniors need a place to relax and enjoy stress-free living every day. At Dogwood Forest we have created the perfect living environment for assisted living in Georgia. All of our homes and services have been designed to create the perfect atmosphere to promote positive, healthy lifestyles for all of our senior residents.

We believe in purpose-built environments and we are dedicated to providing a true sense of community for our senior residents. Our new Grayson community features 99 total units. This includes 74 assisted living and 25 memory care apartments. It also features a beautiful stone facade, effectively disguise the steel infrastructure within.

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