No Love Lost: Caring for a Spouse Who Has Dementia

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Author Warren Adler Holds onto Hope and Memories with His Wife

Warren Adler, author of the 1981 novel The War of the Roses, is no stranger to the ups and downs of marriage. Adler’s novel captivated readers around the world with a story centered around the theme of divorce; however, he’s captivating hearts today with a story that just goes to show how far love will go. Adler, 91, spent his 57th wedding anniversary by his wife’s side. The plot twist this time: He visited his longtime wife in her new home, a care facility for dementia.

Dementia Care_Hands

As for many, Adler struggles to watch his loved one battle dementia. Holding his wife Sonia’s hand, Warren Adler is overwhelmed with their shared memories – falling in love, getting married in the early ‘50s, raising children together – the list goes on and on. Sonia is still very much there; however, Warren has, “Shed more tears during the past five years of her battle with dementia than I have through any other phase of my life,” as expressed in a piece on

Dementia Care_Married“My most fervent wish is that at some point before my sweetheart’s demise, the dark clouds will lift, her eyes will brighten and, for even one brief moment, she will smile at me and squeeze my hand in recognition.”

– Warren Adler via AARP

Admiring a woman who’s eternally beautiful, who has been Warren’s North Star for the better part of a century, and who is still Warren’s best friend, the famed author knows that every sense of her has never left. With no love lost, Warren continues to hold out hope that soon, “She will smile at me and squeeze my hand in recognition.”


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