The infrastructure of our communities – our people, our buildings & grounds, and our services & programs – are the foundation of the Dogwood Forest™ difference. Everything we do is intentional. And that intention is to create living environments that are clinically proven to produce positive outcomes in seniors.

Clinical data shows that living environment significantly influences the health and welfare of seniors. Dogwood Forest embraces this medical science to ensure that we provide the ideal living environment that fosters healing, hope, independence, security, and life quality among our assisted living residents, post-operative rehabilitation clients and respite care seniors.

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Optimistic caregivers, friendly front office staff, nurses, chefs, maintenance engineers, housekeepers, visiting medical professionals, volunteers, pets, and others all come together with residents and their families to generate the services and companionship that are hallmarks of the Dogwood Forest living environments.

Our Buildings & Grounds

Dogwood Forest is “assisted living like you’ve never seen it before.” The interior design and attention to detail of our communities will simply take your breath away. Interior design plays an important role in creating a calming and sophisticated setting, and color schemes help define locations and create situational awareness. Layout and architectural features are designed to ensure safety and mobility. Residents have virtually the entire building and gardens at their disposal to enjoy dining, activities and interacting with family and friends. However, if it is solitude or privacy that they desire, cozy nooks, a corner in the garden, or their own residential suites are just some of the special places residents use to seek some time alone.

Our Programs & Services

At Dogwood Forest, we focus our life enrichment activities and wellness programs on inspiring the mind, body and the spirit, which are each linked to better health and happiness. From daily care to fun-filled excursions, Dogwood Forest offers programming and services for seniors at all levels of activeness.

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Dogwood Forest.

Because a better living environment leads to a better life.™