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Is Assisted Living Right For Your Mom?

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When it comes to choosing the right care for your aging mom, you have a lot of decisions in front of you. Deciding between them can be daunting, and you might wonder if assisted living is really the best choice. Will your mother be better off living in an assisted living community instead of staying with you or another caregiver?

We have compiled a short survey that can help you decide which steps to take next. And if you are considering assisted living, take a look at these health benefits for Mom.

1. Assisted living provides a loving community of friends and staff members.

Studies show that nearly 30% of senior adults are isolated and lonely. Often faced with limited mobility and activity, seniors find themselves without companionship or any sort of mental stimulation. This social isolation can actually increase the mortality rate among senior adults, while more studies show that 80% of seniors who participated in at least one social activity were in better health. Friendship and opportunities to be part of a community are essential to everyone’s lifestyle, but senior citizens face the most difficulty. An assisted living facility provides a built-in community of neighbors and staff members who are part of the same journey as your mom. This fosters friendships and participation in more social outings, which in turn makes Mom healthier and happier.

2. Assisted living provides opportunities for exercise and wellness.

In an assisted living community, you will find senior adults from all walks of life, especially when it comes to health and exercise. Some may be able to participate in more vigorous exercise, while others may require a wheelchair or need more assistance to participate in a workout routine. Exercise is a vital part of anyone’s well being, but those who are limited in their physical abilities are more likely to skip the workouts.  However, an assisted living community is well-equipped to provide opportunities for exercise for seniors at all physical abilities. Whether it’s water aerobics or a walk around the corner, residents find themselves presented with options for staying well. Your mom will be able to stay healthy at a level that makes sense for her.

3. Assisted living provides memory care.

No one wants to think about their mom being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia. Unfortunately, these issues are common for many seniors. When that is the case, caregivers often find themselves unsure of what to do next. Leaving your mom alone or in the care of someone who doesn’t fully understand how to help her can be both dangerous and confusing for her. At an assisted living community, staff members are trained to work with residents with memory issues, allowing them to live their lives as stress-free and safely as possible. Many residents with memory loss are able to lead fulfilling lives under the care of a trained team. It’s never easy to decide how to take care of your aging parent. But you don’t have to decide alone. If assisted living is right for your mom, we will be here to help you every step of the way.