4 Ways to Get Closer with Your Loved Ones in 2017

Posted by admin on January 6th, 2017 in Holidays | No Comments

Old hands on the keyboard notebookNew Year’s Resolutions are like a favorite meal: Everyone makes one, they all think it’s the best, but it’s always gone way too quickly. As we launch headfirst in 2017, you probably have some goals in mind you want to accomplish (even if you don’t consider them “resolutions”). Perhaps you want to learn a new skill, or you are finally creating a budget to live off of. Whatever your goal is, there is one more you should consider: Getting closer to your elderly loved ones.

This doesn’t necessarily mean physically moving closer to the assisted living community where they live (though that could be helpful). But, it does mean keeping in touch better and visiting more often. Dogwood Forest encourages you to come on and visit as often as you can! When you do, here are 4 things to consider doing together:

1. Teach Them How to Use New Technology

As technology progresses, it simultaneously gets more complicated and simpler. New tech is capable of performing tasks never thought possible, while also becoming much more user-friendly. You can take advantage of this phenomenon by teaching your loved one how to use tools like Skype. By buying them an easy-to-use laptop or, even better, a tablet, you can video chat with them at any time. That way, if you are unable to make regular visits, your loved one can stay connected with you and the rest of the family.

2. Make a Family Cookbook

Even if your loved one was never lauded for their cooking skills, they likely have some recipes that they either created or have been passed down that were part of your childhood. Now is the perfect time to gather all of those recipes into one cookbook. Have your loved one find or write down as many recipes as they can, and have the rest of your family do so as well. When you have all the recipes, there are a variety of websites where you can create a custom cookbook. These make great gifts for the whole family!

3. Trace Your Genealogy Together

Few things bring a family together quite like discovering where you came from. Of course, there are a myriad of different websites you can use to create your family tree. But if you want a bigger challenge (and a reason to spend more time with your loved one), consider tracing your genealogy the old-fashioned way. Start by gathering the names of all of your immediate family. Then, gather any newspaper clippings or other stories they have and start tracing back through history. The U.S. census also has records all the way back to 1790, which may be helpful. Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover you’re related to a Founding Father!

4. Create a Legacy Video

Perhaps one of the best parts of having an elderly loved one is the sheer number of stories they have (even if they are a bit embellished). Now is the perfect time to start recording those. Ask your loved one to tell you their favorite stories, and record them on video. If you are not skilled at video editing, there are professional services available. Legacy videos are great to show at family reunions and other gatherings, and are a beautiful tribute when the time comes.

These are just a few ways to spend time productively with your elderly loved ones. Of course, simply being with them is a great use of time. We at Dogwood Forest encourage you to spend more time with your elderly loved ones in 2017, no matter what you’re doing. If your loved one has gotten to the point that they need more help on a daily basis, contact us today to learn more about our assisted living communities in the metro Atlanta area.