young caregiver with older man in wheelchairCaregivers have one of the hardest jobs out there. Morning and night, they are on call to take care of your loved one. Thought they are trained professionals, the job can be quite demanding at times. Without adequate rest and breaks, you as a caregiver can quickly get burned out. So what can you possibly do to ease your burden, as least for a little while?

As a caregiver, you hear it all of the time: “Be sure to take care of yourself, too.”  You know they’re right, but you’re probably wondering just how to do that. At Dogwood Forest™, we understand that caregivers need to unwind, relax, go on vacation, attend out-of-town events or simply get a few projects done at home. That is why we offer short-term respite care stays for seniors.

Short Term residents enjoy all of the same services, amenities and care as our full-time residents, including fine dining, wellness & life enrichment programs, medication management and assistance with daily activities.

Some of the great services and amenities our daily and weekly short-term stay guests receive at Dogwood Forest include:

These services are available at all of our Atlanta-area communities. Call your neighborhood Dogwood Forest™ to see how we can help share the care, so that you can renew yourself.

Ask us about our One-to-One Care Program!

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