This FREE Memory Care Checklist makes finding the right community easy

As our loved ones get older, they sometimes become forgetful, and that forgetfulness may be a sign of dementia. Dementia can be a bewildering time for an older adult—and caring for them on your own can be difficult or impossible.

Memory care offers an environment specially designed to make your loved one’s life enjoyable again. Unfortunately, memory care communities vary widely in the quality of care they offer, the expertise of their staff, and the nature of the environment they provide. This comprehensive checklist will help you identify the memory care community that’s right for your loved ones.

The checklist covers everything to look for, including:

  • How to tell if staff are well-trained for working with adults with memory loss
  • The signs of a community that is active, engaging, and safe for your loved one
  • Therapy and care options you should expect at a high-quality memory care community

Family members with Alzheimer’s or dementia need special care. By finding them a quality memory care provider right away, you can help delay the progress of their dementia, improve their day to day happiness, and even lift depression and anxiety that sets in with dementia. This checklist is completely free and will help you get them the care they need.

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