We understand that assisted living can be a difficult choice to make for your loved one. At Dogwood Forest, we strive to give our residents a quality living environment. We provide an environment that fosters healing, hope, independence, security, and life quality.  It has been clinically proven that a positive living environment can have a significant influence on health and quality of life. Our caring and friendly staff will tend to the specific needs of your loved one. Clinical data has shown that optimistic caregivers provide positive outcomes for seniors; we hire the most professional and positive caregivers to care for your loved one.

At Dogwood Forest, we offer a variety of services to ensure your loved one is happy with their home. We cater to the unique needs of each and every one of our assisted living residents. At Dogwood Forest, we have an active community among our staff and residents and a variety of activities to engage in. Your loved one can reduce the risk of physical injury by staying active in our exercise programs. We encourage an active lifestyle socially and/or physically. We have various social functions your loved one can participate in as well.

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We are proud to serve the unique needs of your loved one at our 3 different locations throughout Georgia. We ensure that each location has an enriching living environment to provide positive outcomes for senior citizens. Our staff is passionate about accommodating the specific needs of your loved one and having an optimistic outlook on their situation. If you are considering an assisted living community for your loved one, find a Dogwood Forest location near you and learn more about the various services we offer.

At Dogwood Forest, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to assisted living. Our interior design and attention to detail will simply take your breath away. We aim to provide a calm and sophisticated setting in your loved one’s new home, and our color schemes define specific locations to help create situational awareness. Our architecture is specifically designed for the safety and mobility of your loved one. We provide our residents the independence to roam the building and gardens as they see fit to interact with family, friends, and fellow residents. We strive for your loved one to feel at home. If you are interested in learning more about the Dogwood Forest experience for your loved one, contact us today!