World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Posted by Kia Crawford on June 15th, 2012 in Education | No Comments

Everyone deserves a chance to live in a happy and secure environment free of abuse. Yet, many of our elders around the world suffer each year at the hands of people that should be caring for them.  Today is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day and we challenge everyone to bring awareness to the abuse that so many elders are unjustly and unfairly exposed to.

At Dogwood Forest Assisted Living in Fayetteville, we believe in honoring seniors with dignity and respect.  Our passion for our elders is what drives us. The comfort and security that we bring to their lives as well as their family’s lives, gives us reassurance that we are  here for a purpose and we are doing good works as God intended. Our love for seniors is the reason why we do what we do. But, there are elders all around the world suffering physical, mental, verbal and emotional abuse. They have no one to bring them comfort or to keep them safe. Although, Dogwood Forest Assisted Living in Fayetteville and our fellow industry colleagues are here to ensure safety and care, today’s World Elder Awareness Day sheds light on the often overlooked abuse that sometimes occurs in our most senior population.

In incredibly unfortunate circumstances, some people abuse, exploit or neglect our seniors. I see news stories frequently about elders who have put trust in someone and is inadvertently “taken for a ride.”  They would lose most or all of their savings. For anyone to assume that exploiting our seniors is not as bad as physical abuse, think again. Exploitation is as bad as physical abuse and would be define as emotional abuse. I still cannot fathom why anyone would do such a thing, especially to a population that should be cherished. It saddens me deeply that someone would take the hard earned funds that many would use to secure their futures. However, abuse like this happens and unfortunately it isn’t  as rare as some might think. According to Elder Assistance Daily, their is an estimated 6 million cases of elder abuse every year and majority of those cases will never get reported. Tragically, with the aging baby boomers, elder abuse only has the potential to grow.

Today, bring awareness to this issue. It transcends all ethnicity, cultures, and countries. Every senior deserves to live their life free from fear, abuse and exploitation. Our seniors helped to build our great nation, now we must do something for them in return. Together, let’s end these atrocities waged against our elders.

Speak up for seniors living in Fayetteville, Ga. and all around the world. Speak out today for World Elder Abuse Awareness.