Ways to Make the Senior Living Experience Fun

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Quality of Life at Assisted Living Communities

Assisted living is a valuable option for many. However, you may have assumptions about the quality of life in an assisted living community—thankfully, the days of bingo being the highlight of one’s week are over. Assisted living communities offer engaging and beneficial activities and amenities to complement a curious lifestyle. At Dogwood Forest in Dunwoody, Georgia, senior living residents pack in more fun and adventure into their days, are provided with more learning opportunities, and may even get more engagement than they do at home.

Assisted living facilities understand that seniors need physical and mental stimulation to improve their quality of life. Specifically, particular activities help senior residents accomplish the following goals:senior living in dunwoody Georgia

  • Maintain and improve motor skills
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Encourage self-expression
  • Strengthen emotional connection
  • Promote a feeling of accomplishment and a sense of independence

Cutting through the Boredom: Senior Living Can Be Fun!

When seeking an assisted living facility, look into whether the community has the following activities to promote the well-being of their residents.

  • Group exercises (yoga, tai chi, water aerobics, chair exercises)
    • Designed to improve flexibility, balance, and motor skills, reduce pain, and promote general well-being
  • Walking, gardening, and book clubs
  • Continuing education classes
  • Arts and crafts classes
  • Field trips and excursions to local attractions
  • Music therapy, concerts, and live music
  • Special spa days

Do Your Part to Make Senior Living More Enjoyablesenior living in dunwoody Georgia

The COVID-19 pandemic has without question affected how we enjoy life. That said, Dogwood Forest and Holbrook Life’s communities are eagerly resuming normal operations shortly. This decision was made with much consideration, and our communities never truly shut down as we offered lively activities and proper care despite restrictions on family visits. Soon, in-person visits will be available; until then, here are some ways to help your loved one feel cared for, even if you can’t personally be with them.

  • Stay in contact. Invite the kids, friends, and relatives on a video or phone call. Your loved one will surely love seeing familiar faces along with the wee ones. Keep them in the loop. Also, don’t forget to include your furry friends in the call since studies prove that spending time with animals can be extremely therapeutic.
  • Share memories. Collect some old photos and reminisce about the old times. Encourage them to share stories and memories.
  • Take interest. Listen to their favorite music. Like pets, music can do wonders. Studies show that listening to soothing music can reduce pain, improve a person’s mood, and lower stress levels. It can also increase a person’s energy level, improve cardiovascular health, help treat mental illnesses, and improve one’s overall quality of life.

Inspired Senior Living in Dunwoody, Georgia

Contact Dogwood Forest

Some people have strong reservations about putting their elderly loved ones in assisted living facilities. We totally understand how you feel. We know that you want to give your aging parents the best of everything, especially now that they have reached their golden years. At Dogwood Forest in Dunwoody, Georgia, that’s exactly what they’ll get: a better senior living environment that will have a positive impact on their health and wellbeing.

Your elderly loved ones deserve to live their lives in an environment where they are accepted, valued, and cared for. That’s exactly what they’ll get at Dogwood Forest. For more information and to learn more about our services, contact us or call us at 770-350-7833 today.