Severe Weather Safety for Older Adults

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Severe Weather Safety for Older Adults



If Hurricane Florence, and the storms before her, have taught us anything, it’s that we need to be prepared. While some storms are severe enough that evacuation orders are given, others are only dangerous enough to momentarily wreak havoc before they disappear.

Hurricanes and tornadoes are certainly catastrophic, but what about the thunderstorm that only knocks out power? Our assisted living community in Grayson knows that it’s important to prepare for any weather event. It’s far better to over-prepare than to be forced to deal with power outages, flooding, and home damage having done nothing to ready yourself.

Severe Weather Safety for Older Adults infographic

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Make a Plan

Planning ahead for a disaster helps alleviate some of the stress you will experience. Think about your physical abilities and limitations. Work with caregivers and family members to construct a plan that will be sufficient for your unique set of circumstances.

At a minimum, you should know how you will contact friends or family, understand emergency plans for your community, and know the best escape or evacuation route.

Consider Medical Needs

You may have medical needs to attend to on a regular basis. If you require prescription medication, consider that you may not be able to get a refill in a severe weather event. If you are on oxygen, determine whether or not you will have enough to last for a week or more should you not have access to a facility that can provide a refill.

A medical alert bracelet or necklace should be worn, especially if your condition is life threatening if it remains uncontrolled through intervention.

Protect Important Documents

You should have copies of your vital records in a fire- and waterproof box or safe. Your birth certificate, social security card, will, insurance information and more should be stored in this manner.

Alternatively, you may want to provide a trusted family member with copies.

Create an Emergency Kit

Put together an emergency kit. Included in your kit should be a gallon of water per person for at least 14 days, a 14-day supply of food, a flashlight and fresh batteries, a first aid kit, a multipurpose tool, blankets, an extra set of keys, and sanitation items.

You will also want a list of emergency contacts, including friends and family. Your kit will be more extensive than this but will vary depending on personal needs.

Ride Out the Storm Safely at a Dogwood Forest Assisted Living Community

No one wants to have to live through a severe or catastrophic weather event, but they can occur faster than we’d like to believe. You can find yourself in real trouble if you aren’t prepared.

As an assisted living community in Grayson, we understand the importance of being prepared for such an event, especially among the older adult population. Call our team today if you are interested in learning more about how our independent living community can enhance your life.