How to Be Safe with Online Shopping

Posted by admin on December 12th, 2017 in Education | No Comments

Hand holding credit card and using laptopThis year, as you begin to shop for your loved ones, looking for just the right gift, keep in mind that changes to technology can bring about issues with safety. While you may not be prone to slips and falls and other types of physical dangers when you shop from the comfort of your couch or recliner, you are putting your safety at risk.

How? Because nefarious criminals are just waiting behind their own keyboards for you to make one wrong move.

If you don’t keep Internet shopping safety in mind this holiday season, you could very well find your identity stolen. Perhaps worse, you could wake up to find your bank accounts drained and your credit cards charged to their maximum limits. Here are some tips to stay safe this holiday season.

1. Look at the URL

When you visit an online marketplace, take a look at the URL. If you don’t see “https” at the start of the address, shop elsewhere. The “s” in “https” indicates that the site is secure and that you are safe shopping there.

2. Stick With What You Know

Spoof sites are common, but they tend to pop up even more during the holidays. If the site is one that you’ve never shopped with before, try to find the item elsewhere. Spoof sites look surprisingly like the real thing, and most people would never know the difference.

3. Use a Reloadable Card

Instead of using your debit or credit card for purchases, consider putting money on a reloadable credit card and using that instead. That way, if someone steals the number, they only have access to so much money. It will still be a hassle if your money is stolen, but you won’t lose as much. Plus, that card won’t be attached to your Social Security number or any other sensitive information.

4. Log Out

Never save information into a shopping website. This leaves you open and vulnerable. When you are done shopping, make sure that you log out of the site. Remember that shutting off your computer is not the same as logging off. You must physically hit a “sign out” or “log off” button to leave the website.

5. Beware of Emails

Criminals know that people like to donate their money during the holidays and tend to send out emails around this time. If you click on a link in the email or provide any type of financial information, you are putting yourself at risk. Don’t click on links in any emails that you are unsure of.

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