Resident Spotlight: Trudie Hayward Corley

Posted by Kia Crawford on September 4th, 2015 in Eagles Landing, GA | No Comments

picture Trudie Hayward CorleyWhere did you grow up? Trudie was born on October 13, 1926 in Waycross Georgia and she grew up in Waycross, Georgia. She was the youngest child with 2 sisters and 1 brother. She graduated from Waycross High School. While in High School, Trudie was involved in the theater and performed in a play with her classmate Pernell Roberts who later starred in TV show Bonanza.

What are some of your favorite memories from your childhood? Trudie states that her father worked for the railroad and they were able to get train passes to be able to travel and she has good memories of traveling places with her family. She also remembers visiting family friends who had a horse and she had a lot of fun riding the horse but was sore after that. Trudie also remembers visiting her older sister who was living in Atlanta and she had a lot of fun visiting her sister.

What are some of your favorite memories from your adulthood? Trudie was named Miss Georgia in 1944 and participated in the 1944 Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City and after that spent some time in New York modeling but decided to return to Georgia and stayed with her sister in Atlanta. She was working for Southern Bell Telephone Company in the Hurt Building in Atlanta and met future husband William “Bud” Corley and they got married May 9, 1946 and were happily married for 44 years before he died in 1990. They had 5 children 3 boys, named Bill, Jim and Charles and 2 girls name Patti and Barbara. Trudie has always been way ahead of times regarding nutrition. She has been a vegetarian for many years and studied yoga 50 years ago, before yoga was “in.”

Did you have a profession? Trudie states that she worked for Southern Bell Telephone Company in the toll department for a couple of years before she got married to Bud Corley but after getting married she mostly was a housewife and Mother but after her two youngest children began school she helped Bud run their residential design business Corley Plan Service.

Which accomplishments in your life do you feel most proud? Trudie states that without question her proudest accomplishment was raising her wonderful children. Trudie states that she had 5 children 3 boys and 2 girls and today 2 boys and 2 girls are living and she also has 4 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren and she is very proud of all of them.

Is there anything you’ve learned in life you wish to share with someone who is just graduating from college? Trudie states that her best advice is to get a good education so that you can have the job that you want and be happy in life.

Is there anything you’ve learned in life you wish to share with someone who is just starting a family? Trudie states that she thinks it’s very important to believe in God and have a strong faith as a basis for raising your family. Trudie states that she lived her life by faith in God.

What brought you to Dogwood Forest? Trudie states that prior to coming to Dogwood Forest she had lived the past 10 years on her own in Florida but approached her children about needing help with activities of daily living in certain ways. The decision was made to come to Dogwood Forest of Eagles Landing with two of her children living in the Atlanta area and her youngest child Barbara living near Dogwood Forest. Trudie seems to be adjusting to being in Dogwood Forest after living on her own for so many years but is looking forward to calling it her new home.