Resident Spotlight: Virginia ‘Jinnie’ McCord

Posted by Kia Crawford on May 6th, 2013 in Eagles Landing, GA | No Comments

Where did you grow up?
Jinnie was born January 25, 1921, and grew up in Atlanta. She was the youngest child with three brothers and one sister. She attended and graduated from Atlanta Girls High and attended and graduated from Georgia State College for Women in Milledgeville, Georgia, with a degree in home economics. jinniemccord

What are some of your favorite memories from your childhood?
Jinnie states that her favorite memories from her childhood were being with her family, her wonderful parents and she was especially close to her oldest brother with her remembering him coming home from work and reading to her when she was young.

What are some of your favorite memories from adulthood?
Jinnie states that she has very fond memories of her time in college. She met her future husband, Ned Joyner McCord, when she was in elementary school and they dated for several years before getting married October 23, 1943. Over the years of their marriage they lived in many places related to her husband being in the military, including several locales in Europe and many places in the U.S. They had five children – four boys and one girl – and she has seven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Jinnie was married for almost 58 years when her husband died in 2001.

Did you have a profession?
Jinnie was mostly a housewife and mother, but she also worked outside the home first as a substitute teacher for a few years and she worked for her church as hostess and dietician and cook at Central Presbyterian Church for 5-6 years.

Which accomplishments in your life do you feel most proud?
Jinnie was a good mother to her five children and she was very active and involved in her church.

Is there anything you have learned in life you wish to share with someone just graduating from college?
Jinnie states that kindness is the best thing that you can do for others. She states that she would stress the importance of loving your neighbor to anyone that she was giving advice to about life.

What brought you to Dogwood Forest?
Jinnie apparently had lived at Carestone in Jonesboro for 11 years after she had knee surgery and was no longer able to take care of herself and needed more care and assistance with ADLs than family could provide at home. Jinnie became unhappy at Carestone, and after a friend told her about Dogwood Forest of Eagles Landing she visited the community and decided that she wanted to live here. She states that she has been very satisfied here with staff and other residents treating her well and she has no desire to live anywhere else.