Resident Spotlight: Thomas J. Stevens

Posted by Kia Crawford on August 3rd, 2012 in Dunwoody, GA | No Comments

Tom was born December 28th in North New Jersey. He enjoyed growing up in New Jersey and had fond memories growing on in the region. He recalls spending time at area parks and fishing. He would go upstream, put his boat in and drift downstream fishing all the way home.

At age 10, Tom began to work on a farm that grew vegetables. One benefit was he could take all the vegetables home he wanted. Another was he stayed tom-dunwoody-186x186busy and out of trouble.

After high school, Tom Joined the Navy and went to Japan. Upon his return, he graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University, where he was the first student council judge. Like many young men at that time, one of his gathering spots was the Ice Cream Shoppe where a mutual friend introduced him to Joan Margaret, who he would be married to for 60 years. “Don’t be set in your ways, be flexible, ” he advises newly married couples.

In New Jersey, he was director of works for a Masonic Temple, and a mentor and adviser for Habitat for Humanity.

Tom worked with the Bendix Corporation for 32 years and at the time of retirement, he was CFO. During his years with Bendix, one element of his position he enjoyed was mentoring others within the corporation. Tom truly enjoyed helping others.

Advice Tom would give to young people today: “Be very careful about your job choice, be sure there are many opportunities for advancement, work hard, and never expect others to do your job for you.”

Tom relocated to Atlanta from Amelia Island, Fla., to be closer to family. He is enjoying his fellow residents, and the comfort Dogwood Forest’s senior living community in Dunwoody, Georgia.