Resident Spotlight: Mr. Ray

Posted by Kia Crawford on July 24th, 2012 in Gainesville, GA | No Comments

I had lived five years alone since the love of my life had passed away and I told my family it was time to move. They brought information and I placed it around the dining room table for a week or two to study. I had only visited one community and I sat down and prayed about it and on this past May 29 I celebrated living here 10 years.

I was born in Heard County, Ga. The youngest of five and very spoiled in every way love could offer: good family, good education, good food. I grew up on 125 acres of farm with corn, cotton, hogs, chickens and cows. Fresh biscuits and ham was my favorite. I loved going to school and farming. I was gonna raise cattle and live the quiet life but God had other plans for me. I served in the Army, fought in the war and became an MP in Tokyo. After returning home I farmed for a while, worked for the United States Dept. of Agriculture and then went into the furniture business with my brother.

When I moved in this apartment I fell in love with the sunlight coming in that window, it just welcomed me in and made me remember warm thoughts in my life like my sister playing the piano when it rained for our family or directing the choir at my church (First Methodist Church of Newnan) that I have been a member of for 56 years.

I have enjoyed every minute of being here. God is good and so is Dogwood.