Resident Spotlight: Nora Taylor

Posted by Kia Crawford on March 6th, 2013 in Fayetteville, GA | No Comments

Hi, my name is Nora Taylor. I grew up in Albertville, Alabama. I lived on a farm all during my childhood. My father grew all of our food, as well as cotton. He was a sharecropper and my younger brother, mom, and I helped out.

I enjoyed my childhood so much! I had a wonderful home life. I was a very good child and tried my hardest to get good grades in school. When I didn’t make straight As, I would cry! Nora Taylor pic

My family raised me as a Baptist Christian and after high school I pursued ministry with my husband, Marvin Taylor. I met him on December 26, 1949, on a blind date. Eleven days later, on January 6, 1950, we were married!

My parents really wanted me to go to college, so I did. After college, I became a nurse while Marvin was in the military. When he and I had our two children, I became a stay-at-home mother. When my children grew up, I worked at an office as a secretary.

We traveled all over the world after our children moved away. We settled in Germany for a while after he retired from the Navy. My husband pastored one of the churches while we lived there and I still stay in contact with some of the people we met. I really have a passion for sharing the word of God to everyone I meet.

My husband and I moved back to Alabama after we found out he had cancer. After my husband passed away, I was all alone one day and fell. I ended up breaking my pelvis and my daughter decided it was time to look into an assisted living facility.

She chose Dogwood and I enjoy it here so much! I try my best to meet everyone and greet them with a smiling face. Everyone here, including the staff, are very nice. I enjoy all the various activities they set up for us. I loved being able to minister to those who were hurting, but I’m glad I am now able to call Dogwood Forest of Fayetteville my home.