Resident Spotlight: Nona Dawson

Posted by Kia Crawford on September 3rd, 2014 in Fayetteville, GA | No Comments

One autumn day during the month of November 1924, Ms. Nona Dawson was born.  She grew up in the small town of River Falls, Wisconsin with her four siblings.  Her father was a postmaster and her mother was a teacher before she had children.  Ms. Nona recalls her grandpa living with her as a young child, and growing up in a happy family where they did many things together. “I’m so very grateful. We weren’t wealthy, but we had enough to be happy.” she stated. nora-dawson-picture-672x372

Ms. Nona finished college in her hometown to become an educator during WWII. She says of that experience, “college didn’t have enough men because they were fighting in the war.”  But with a smile on her face she said, “I married the nicest man in the world whom I’d known since grade school.” They married shortly after his return from WWII.

William Dawson, or Bill as he was referred to, was full of life and provided well for his family. He worked for the Federal US Department of Justice.  “Whatever he did he always ended at the top. He was a smart man of real character, and had great faith.” Ms. Nona was married to him for nearly 51 years.  She had 5 children (Jane, Jessica, Charlie, Bill and Mary). She became a homemaker, preferring to stay at home and raise the children.  She remarked, “I wouldn’t have changed it for anything.”

She’s proud to say that her biggest achievement in life are her 5 children whom attended college and are now all settled in their marriages.  She recalls how her children use to really like her home-made cinnamon rolls and expressed that she’s a credit to her children and celebrating a family gathering was the highlight of her month in June.

Ms. Nona has been living at Dogwood Forest for nearly 6 years.  This is actually her second time around.  She was here earlier, and made a complete recovery where she was able to live independently again.  However, she became ill a second time and returned.  She says, “I came back because I was so happy here before.  I‘m most pleased because the staff is very caring – and caring becomes the most important part of life.” Ms. Nona’s parting words of wisdom are “Allow yourself to be close to faith and let it nurture your life.  You need faith to fall back on in times of trouble.”

As I started my next resident interview, I told Ms. Wilson whom I just spoken with.  She said of Ms. Dawson, “She’s the epitome of a true Southern Lady” and I must agree with Ms. Wilson, she certainly is.