Resident Spotlight: Eva Wilson

Posted by Kia Crawford on August 5th, 2014 in Dunwoody, GA | No Comments

Ms. Eva was born in  Sylvester, Georgia in 1926.

Ms. Eva had an older sister and was raised by her grandparents.  She lived on a little farm on the edge of the city limits where she recalls hearing the bells of the clock chime.  Her grandparents had a chicken  evawilsonhouse where she often  pretended to be in church preaching to the chickens.  She even recollects “bogging” with her best friend, where ditches would fill up with water and they would have tons of fun.

In 1941 after graduating from high school, she remembers vividly when Pearl Harbor was attacked. She says of that time, “We were really afraid.”  Her brother-in-law introduced her to one of his very good friends named William, who happen to be in the Air Force at that time.  After a couple of years of courting they decided to get married prior to WWII ending. She says of her husband, “He was such a fun loving and easy-going man who loved every day of his life and in return, everyone loved him.”

William built their first home in Commerce, Georgia and wanted plenty of land to grow vegetables.  “Yes,” she recalls, “he was a big gardener.”  Ms Eva enjoyed home-making and raising her 3 boys (Bill, Jerry, and Larry).  Later in life, Ms. Eva decided to go to work to help with the boys education. She then became a secretary at a high school in Marietta for 13 years.  After her husband’s passing, she decided to retire early to continue her hobbies of reading, gardening, collecting cookbooks and sewing her own clothes.

At the sweet young age of 69, Ms. Eva found love again. She then married Thomas, where they traveled the world together to far away places such as Australia, Sweden, New Zealand, China, and The Holy Land (Jerusalem) which are just to name a few.  In 2012 her second husband passed, and she began living by herself. Her children then decided it was time to find a place to be closer to them.

Ms. Eva says of her boys, “They have been very kind and good to me to have moved me here (Dogwood Forest).  I then asked Ms. Eva what her favorite part of living at Dogwood she enjoyed the most, she replied with a grin on her face, “Not having to wash dishes.”  Ms. Eva says of her life, “One should take each day as it comes, and live life to it’s fullest.” It sounds like she’s doing just that.