Resident Spotlight: William Ernest Smith

Posted by Kia Crawford on August 1st, 2014 in Dunwoody, GA | No Comments

Our Resident Spotlight for August is William Ernest Smith, also known as “Smitty” & WES, but prefers to be called “Bill”. Bill was born and raised in Gloucester, N.J. In his senior year of High School, he billsmithjoined the Navy to fight for his country during WWII. The Navy allowed him to finish High School then go to active duty. After his active duty was complete, he was in the National Guard Reserves.

Upon returning home from WWII, Bill was self-employed with WES, Incorporated. He delivered chips and pretzels to small business owners and factories.

Bill soon found himself to be a single parent, relying on his two older children to care for the two younger ones. While on his route, he would stop  for lunch and became acquainted with Bettie while dining in her luncheonette. After a brief time , Bill asked Bettie to a movie, they fell in love and married.

Bettie having three children of her own, they decided that for the first few years, Bill would remain in his home, and she in hers. As the collective children began to leave the nest, Bill & Bettie decided to “Keep House” together.

It was at this time, Bill was being pushed out by the Big guys in his industry, so he took advantage of the G.I. Bill attending classes to become a computer Programmer. For the next 30 years, he had a successful career as a programmer.

A hobby both he and Bettie enjoyed were breeding Dalmatians. Once a Men’s Sunday School Teacher, Bill enjoys watching Charles Stanley weekly.
From New Jersey, he and Bettie moved to Cumming , Georgia to be closer to family.

We have so enjoyed getting to know Bill, always a willing participant for lively conversation, lunch outings, and he even enjoys exercise.

Welcome Bill!