Resident Spotlight: Rochelle Smith

Posted by Kia Crawford on January 15th, 2015 in Dunwoody, GA | No Comments

Rochelle’s parents migrated from Germany after World War II to New York, NY. Her brother has the distinction of being the first Jewish boy born after the war in Germany.

Her father was a builder. Prior to the war, he wired electricity in a sewer and created a hiding place fornot only her parents, but 24 other people. Her mom was much loved by the local baker. Every night, the baker would drop bread through an opening so the group of 26 would not starve. These 26 escaped being sent to camps, but in their own way, had their own version of Holocaust.20141230_121358

On Long Island, Rochelle always remembered having a family dog, and to this day so enjoys her two dogs Ripley, age 2, and Bailey, who is 14 years old.

Rochelle quickly found out that she was not cut out for college, so started working for a dentist and was a hygienist for many years. Vivid memories from that time include Vietnam, where her brother served several deployments, and Woodstock. She said she will never forget the announcement of J.F.K.’s assassination when she was in Middle School.

Almost 12 years ago Rochelle and her husband moved to Sandy Springs and purchased a bead route. After a few years the decision was made to purchase Mid Town Wash. It was very successful. “The cleanest laundromat in Atlanta” according to Rochelle. She enjoyed working in the business 6 days a week. Did you know a load of laundry could cost as much as $6.00 per washer, depending of the capacity of the washer?

Please welcome Rochelle to Dogwood Forest of Dunwoody. She always has a smile, and yes she has that great New York accent!