Resident Spotlight: Judith Kacar

Posted by Kia Crawford on July 1st, 2014 in Dunwoody, GA | No Comments

Judith Kacar is our resident spotlight for July. Born in Rhode Island, Judith lived communally with her sister, patents, and grandparents. She was exposed to both Slavic and English languages. Many discussions around the dinner table focused on learning English and assimilating to the ways of life in America. Judith’s father and grandfather were associated with Esso(Exxon.) Her mother quickly climbed the retail ladder to become an Assistant Store Manager. kacar

Judith has fond memories of the snow and cold winters while living in Rhode Island, but when Judith’s grandfather experienced a series of nine heart attacks, a recommendation was made to move to a warmer climate. They choose Orlando , Florida. After high school Judith married and moved to Dallas ,TX. where her son was born. A neighbor also with a young child didn’t speak English so she and Judith taught each other their native languages.

Judith eventually began college and returned to Florida. Upon graduation, Judith began working for McMahan Agency, a member of the American Association of Adverting  Agency. Her talents were quickly noticed and she was promoted to Vice President and a Board Member. She wrote and produced her clients print ads and commercials.  Friches ‘Big Boy” became a  national account for her. Through her work there she began to migrate to the hospitality industry.

It was during this time she introduced her friend Leona  Hemeley’s son to his wife.  The Park Lane and The Plaza were two hotels Judith  frequented to visit Ms. Helmeley during their friendship. Judith also worked with Merv Griffin to promote his island properties.

Judith’s next move would be to Roswell, GA.,  where she began promoting  tourism between Florida and Georgia, creating co-ops between the states.

She always enjoys traveling for business and pleasure. Istanbul is a favored destination along with Germany and France. She’s also an life-long art collector.

Join me in welcoming Judith to Dogwood Forest of Dunwoody. There’s always a friendly smile and lively conversation when Judith is present.