Resident Spotlight: Carolyn Waits

Posted by Kia Crawford on February 11th, 2013 in Eagles Landing, GA | No Comments

Where did you grow up?
Carolyn was born on Dec. 10, 1925 in Stockbridge, Georgia, and she also grew up in Stockbridge with one older brother. She graduated from Henry County High School and took some business courses from a school in Atlanta, Georgia.

What are some of your favorite memories from your childhood?
Carolyn stated that when she was growing up Stockbridge was a small community and she knew everyone in town and everyone in town knew her. She lived right across the street from the school that she attended and she would go home for lunch every day. She would first go to her aunt’s house, who lived right next door to her, and find out what she was having for lunch. If she liked what her aunt was having, she would eat that or she would go home and find out what Mother was having for lunch and eat there. She also stated that growing up, her father worked for Southern Railroad and so family had pass to travel anywhere they wanted to and they would go to St. Simons Island when she was young. Carolyn states growing up she was her father’s favorite and daily he would say, “What do you want today?” and her father would do it for her and so she felt special.

What are some of your favorite memories from your adulthood?
Carolyn stated that she remembers taking business courses in Atlanta and then going to work for Federal Reserve Bank where she met her future husband, Lawrence. She tried to get Lawrence to notice her, but he wouldn’t and so her father arranged for her to have a get-together with coworkers at her home. Lawrence attended that event (group ate hot dogs and then went on a possum hunt where they caught a possum) and then Carolyn and Lawrence started dating and they married August 19, 1944. They had two daughters and Carolyn has two grandchildren (boy and girl) and two great-grandchildren (two boys).

Did you have a profession?
Carolyn stated that all of her jobs were working in a bank as a secretary, first for Federal Reserve Bank and then Fulton National Bank.

Which accomplishments in your life do you feel most proud of?
Carolyn stated that she was most proud of her work as a secretary in a bank and she enjoyed the person that she worked for. She is very proud of her two children and very proud of her grandson who works in Washington D.C. and talks to her regularly, and her granddaughter and her two great-grandchildren.

Is there anything you’ve learned in life you wish to share with someone who is just graduating college?
Carolyn stated that her advice would be to always do the thing that is right, don’t do something because someone else is doing it, have trust in yourself, and remember that you were taught right from wrong and always do the right thing.

Is there anything you’ve learned in life you wish to share with someone who is just starting a family?
Carolyn stated to always remember that you have to teach your children the right thing to do, parents are responsible to teach their children right from wrong and responsible for seeing that the children do the right thing and if they do not do the right thing then the parents must straighten them out and parents are ultimately responsible for their children.

What brought you to Dogwood Forest?
Carolyn states that she was living on her own and she and her family determined that she no longer needed to live by herself and needed help in becoming more independent through therapies. She and her family decided on Dogwood Forest, and she has been very happy here. Carolyn stated that she knows several other residents who live here and she has a gift of getting along well with others and she gets a lot of pleasure from positive relationships with others. Carolyn is very fortunate to have a close relationship with her family, with one daughter visiting her daily after she gets off of work and the other daughter calls Carolyn twice daily and visits often.