Resident Spotlight: Bonnie Bruce

Posted by Kia Crawford on May 30th, 2014 in Birmingham, AL | No Comments

Another of our newer residents is Bonnie Bruce. She moved to Chateau Vestavia from Bluff Park a few months ago. Bonnie is a beautiful lady with a soft musical voice that will immediately charm you.

Bonnie grew up in the western area of Birmingham and has remained in the city for her entire life. She was blessed with loving parents and three siblings. They enjoyed family activities like sitting Bonnieon the porch with friends and family, roller skating on the neighborhood sidewalks and swimming in nearby parks. Her family enjoyed music and they were busy with church music, Christmas pageants, caroling and other activities.  Her father was very talented and composed gospel quartet music which they all enjoyed. Bonnie said that she had a wonderful childhood even though they lacked the conveniences of  today.

After graduating from West End High School, Bonnie went to work for Ebsco and later City Federal Savings and Loan where she did general office work. She enjoyed her work but left to become a full-time homemaker.

Bonnie married Jack Bruce June 6, 1959. They had grown up together in school and church. Jack was a printer. He eventually established his own business with several employees.

Jack and Bonnie were blessed with a daughter and two sons. They enjoyed family activities like camping at fishing lakes, at the beach and in the mountains.  Of course they were very active in church, Jack being the music director and Bonnie serving in leadership roles.

When asked about her greatest accomplishments, Bonnie replied,” raising my children and working with other children and young people, helping them develop their talents and seeing them using their talents today”.

Bonnie and Jack are so proud of their family, three children, ten grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Jack and Bonnie had plans to travel after he sold their business but unfortunately Jack passed away on March 20, 2013.

Bonnie moved to Chateau because of concern of her children living alone in a large house and yard. She said, “If you can’t live at home, this is a good place to be” That seems to be the sentiments of many other residents.

Get to know Bonnie. You will love her and your life will be greatly enriched.