Resident Spotlight: Ann Bryant

Posted by Kia Crawford on June 1st, 2014 in Birmingham, AL | No Comments

Where did you grow up?   Minneapolis, Minnesota

What are some of your favorite memories from your childhood?  Ice skating, skiing and winter sports are my favorite memories during the winter time.  During the summer I enjoyed swimming and bicycling, and I also enjoyed school.

 What are some of your favorite memories from your adulthood? I had a very good marriage.  The end of World War II was a fond memory.  Raising my three girls and everything surrounding our family life.  I enjoyed keeping up with my old friends from childhood and school, the friends I made at work and family activities.  One special memory I had was going to watch the Globetrotters every year; they were so good and funny!

Did you have a profession? If so what industry were you in and what did you do? When I retired, I was the Sears Credit Central Supervisor.  I worked for Sears for thirty years approving credit and handling collections.  I also, before and after I retired from Sears, was a volunteer at Saint Vincent’s East Hospital working the flower shop and the information desk for twenty years.

Which accomplishments in your life do you feel most proud of? Raising our three girls successfully and everything that went along with our family.  I was also proud of my years of volunteer service at St. Vincent’s.

Is there anything you have learned in life you wish to share with someone who is just graduating college? Get out and get a job and go from there!  Do not be picky about a job unless you have a very specific job skill.

Is there anything you have learned in life you wish to share with someone who is just starting a family? Have a lot of patience!  Be a good cook!  You will find your nitch and what you feel comfortable doing.  In the long run, the children need to know who the boss is!

Why did you choose Chateau Vestavia? After I fell, my family and I realized that I could no longer live at home by myself.  My oldest daughter looked for me a place to live and chose Chateau Vestavia.  She was impressed with the surroundings and everything about the Community.

 How do you enjoy living here at Chateau Vestavia in Birmingham, AL as your new home? It is alright.  Nothing is like your home, but it is nice here.  The other residents are nice and the food is pretty good here.

What is your favorite part of living at Chateau? The friends I have made and the assistance I’ve received from the staff.