Resident Sara Steele

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Sara Steele

Where did you grow up?  Sara states that she was born on November 3, 1930 in Cherokee County Georgia at home and she grew up in Cherokee County also.  She grew up the middle child with 2 older brothers and 1 younger sister and 1 younger brother.  Today, just the 1 sister is still living.  Sara graduated from Canton High School in 1948 and she went 1 year to Southern Business University in Atlanta, Georgia.

What are some of your favorite memories from your childhood?  Sara states that she grew up on a farm and worked on the farm a lot picking cotton and peas and working around the house and the fields helping as needed.  She stated that hard work was just a part of life.  She states that she was able to go to school and church on Sundays and was able to play with neighbor kids playing softball, throwing a ball over the house and other games.  Sara remembers one Christmas finding a big doll on the Christmas tree that was for her and she has good memories of that.

What are some of your favorite memories from your adulthood?  Sara states that she remembers meeting her future husband, Wesley Steele, on Christmas day night in 1953 on a blind date and Sara and Wesley were married on June 4, 1954.  They had 61 wonderful years together until he died in April 2015.  Prior to Wesley and Sara getting married Wesley owned and ran a country store on Highway 155 in McDonough where Shane’s BBQ is now.  In the spring of 1954 Wesley started building a home on the same property where the country store was and when Wesley finished building the home Wesley and Sara got married.  They ran that Country Store until 1960 when he sold the store and opened a variety store in McDonough.  In 1955 Wesley built a lake on the property that he owned and in 1965 he built a home on the east side of the lake that Sara still owns today but they have sold some of the property and some of the buildings on Highway 155.  Sara had 1 daughter born in 1963, Karla and she has 2 wonderful granddaughters.  Sara states that after she retired in 1988 that she and Wesley loved to travel going to New England a couple of times, Hawaii, and Alaska.

Did you have a profession?  Sara states that after 1 year of business school she was a bookkeeper for Hunter and Co. business from 1949 to 1960 and then she helped her husband Wesley run Variety store until 1970 when she opened a fabric store in the square in McDonough that she ran until 1988 when she sold the business and retired.

Which accomplishments in your life do you feel most proud?  Sara states that she is most proud of her 60 year marriage to Wesley and she is proud of her daughter Karla and her 2 wonderful granddaughters.

Is there anything you’ve learned in life you wish to share with someone who is just graduating college?  Sara stated “always do your best.”

Is there anything you’ve learned in life you wish to share with someone who is just starting a family?  Sara states “ be patient and loving to your children,  and provide loving tender care to your children.”

What brought you do Dogwood Forest?  Sara states that prior to April 2015 she injured her back and in April 2015 she had back surgery.  The same day as her surgery, her husband Wesley died and she states that those two things together really set her back a lot.  She was in the hospital for a time and then transferred to Laurel Park next to Henry Medical Center where she stayed April, May and June until June 30, 2015 when she transferred to Dogwood Forest of Eagles Landing because she could not live alone at her house.  Sara seems to have made a good adjustment to placement at Dogwood Forest with her becoming more active and social in the time that she has been here and eats her meals in the dining room and seems to get along well with the people at her table and she attends activities of choice as she wants to.  She seems to report being OK with living at Dogwood Forest.