Slick Leaves and The Flu: Be Wary of These Autumn Risks for Older Adults

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Slick Leaves and The Flu Be Wary of These Autumn Risks for Older Adults

FAST FACTS The flu results in more than 30 million outpatient visits each year. Approximately 200,000 people are hospitalized due to the illness. The total economic burden caused by the flu is said to be more than $87 million.


In case you haven’t noticed: Fall has (finally) arrived! While some states in the nation are already dealing with snow, others are just happily experiencing a bit of cooler weather. Here in Georgia, the team at our assisted living community in Grayson would like to take a moment to discuss how the change in season can affect our aging community.

We’ve spent a summer heading outdoors when the weather permitted. We walk, bike, jog and socialize without a care. Now that autumn is here, it’s time to take a moment and think about how not only the weather change, but … Read more...

Severe Weather Safety for Older Adults

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Severe Weather Safety for Older Adults
FAST FACTS Georgia had the second-most tornadoes in the country in 2017. Fulton County is the most tornado-prone county in the state. High-wind thunderstorms occur about 75 days out of the year in Georgia.


If Hurricane Florence, and the storms before her, have taught us anything, it’s that we need to be prepared. While some storms are severe enough that evacuation orders are given, others are only dangerous enough to momentarily wreak havoc before they disappear.

Hurricanes and tornadoes are certainly catastrophic, but what about the thunderstorm that only knocks out power? Our assisted living community in Grayson knows that it’s important to prepare for any weather event. It’s far better to over-prepare than to be forced to deal with power outages, flooding, and home damage having done nothing to ready yourself.… Read more...

How to Help Your Older Loved Ones Stay Safe on Summer Vacation

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How to Help Your Older Loved Ones Stay Safe on Summer Vacation FI
FAST FACTS: 2018 has already seen record high temperatures across the nation The Southeast has seen temperatures “much above average” Parts of the region have also seen record rainfall this year

The unbearable heat of the summer can be dangerous for everyone, but few are more susceptible to extreme health issues as the elderly. When the temperatures and humidity soar, the elderly are at risk.

As members of an assisted living community in Atlanta, we have seen the ravages of heat on our senior residents. We would like to share ways you can help your older loved ones stay safe on vacation, especially if they experience heat and humidity they aren’t used to.… Read more...

Top Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease to Watch Out For

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's Disease To Watch Out For feature image

Family members become concerned when an elderly loved one begins to exhibit signs of memory loss. Alzheimer’s Disease is often the first thing that comes to mind.

If you believe that your loved one has become forgetful and confused, it’s important that you know the top signs of the disease, according to the Alzheimer’s Association.… Read more...

Summer Safety Tips for Seniors

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Group of seniors in the park in a picnic in summer having fun

Summer is a time for sun and fun for a majority of people. It’s a time of year that most of us look forward to. Unfortunately for seniors, the summer time can also be a dangerous one if the proper precautions are not taken. Here are some tips for seniors as the summer season begins.… Read more...

Signs It May Be Time for Assisted Living

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Signs It May Be Time for Assisted Living

Making the decision to move your parents into assisted living is not an easy one. You worry that you are offending your parents, and they worry about a change in lifestyle. What you need to know is that today’s assisted living communities aren’t like they used to be. Today’s communities offer seniors a way to maintain as much independence as possible, and they will still have a peace of mind knowing that help is just a phone call away.

If you are wondering when the time is right for assisted living, here are some signs to look for. … Read more...

What to Look for When Considering an Assisted Living Community

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Portrait of senior couple relaxing on a bench outside their retirement home

When your parents are of an age that you begin to think an assisted living community may be in their best interests, it’s time to have a serious talk. It’s not unusual for aging parents to buck the idea of moving out of their homes and into a “center,” simply because they have a misconception of what assisted living really is.

Your parents, and maybe even you, will have a picture of a sterile hospital setting with lonely seniors lining the halls. This is nothing like what assisted living communities are like today. Think of these living centers as a way for your parents to maintain as much independence as they can while having people nearby who can provide the care they need.… Read more...

How to Help Your Loved One Transition to Assisted Living

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Mature women and their friend are drinking tea and talking at home

Are you considering assisted living for your aging parents? For many older adults, making the move to an assisted living community is a stressful transition. Because of this, making the decision can be an emotional one for adult children.

Many people have visions of lonely people in wheelchairs lining the halls of a sterile facility when they begin to think about assisted living. The truth is that modern assisted living communities are nothing like what you may be picturing.… Read more...

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Your Loved One in an Assisted Living Community

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Smiling senior couple hugging at home, holding valentine's day gift

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s for everyone! From children to seniors, people love showing love. If you are residing in an assisted living community, there are some great options for spending the day with those you are closest to. Here are some ideas for you.… Read more...

A Guide For Returning Unwanted Christmas Gifts

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Mid section of woman holding bill in grocery section of supermarket

Ugly Christmas sweaters are all the rage. People have parties and encourage dressing in a way that you would never on any other day of the year. Ugly sweaters aside, receiving an unexpected or unwanted gift can be a bit disappointing. Your thoughts immediately turn to your ability to regift or return the item without hurting the giver’s feelings.

You don’t want to ask for a receipt so that you can exchange the gift, but you don’t want to be stuck with something you’ll never use. Problem solved. Here are several ways you can exchange that gift without having to ask your loved one for the receipt.… Read more...