The Perks of Playing with Pets

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There are lots of different types of therapy – like music, for instance – designed to help people in all kinds of ways. One such therapy has become very popular in recent years: Pet therapy. The staff of Dogwood Forest strongly believes in the benefit of pet therapy for our residents, and we are excited to tell you about some of the ways it can improve their quality of life.

Having a pet to care for can give a resident a sense of purpose. 

Many times, our residents have to leave much of their former life behind when moving into our community. They no longer live on their own, and are much more dependent on others for their well-being, which can lead to feelings of isolation and depression. But when they have a pet to walk, brush, feed, or play … Read more...

Designing Small Spaces for the Fall

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With fall comes beautiful scenery, cool weather and beautiful colors. Some of that can be transported into your loved one’s apartment at Dogwood Forest. Autumn is a great time to spruce up your space and fill in with the sights, smells and even textures of the season. While it may seem like a daunting task, even just a few changes could completely revolutionize your space.

Summer was brutal this year, and the transition into the more mild weather couldn’t be more welcome. Decorating even a few weeks early could help your loved one feel more relaxed and at home while they are living in one of our assisted living communities. Here are just a few ideas:

Bring Nature Indoors

Our assisted living communities always include outdoor areas. Trees are a major element of our gardens and other spaces. When fall … Read more...

Resident Spotlight: Barbara Ann Williams Bradley

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Where did you grow up?  Barbara was born at home on November 11, 1935 in Atlanta Georgia; she also grew up in Atlanta.  She was the middle child with one sister and one brother.  Today, both her sister and brother are deceased.  Barbara states that she completed the 9th or 10th grade but did not graduate from high school. 

What are some of your favorite memories from your childhood?  Barbara states that when she was growing up she loved going to Oakland City Park in the summer and swimming in their pool close to her home. She also has good memories of playing with other neighborhood children.

What are some of your favorite memories from your adulthood?  Barbara states that she met her future husband, James Bradley, when she was very young. He worked in the produce department of the … Read more...

Designing for Seniors

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When it comes to design, two factors stand out as the most important: form and function. Seniors have specific needs when it comes to furniture, space and other aspects of design. Unsafe surfaces or furniture make injuries much more likely for seniors than for younger people. However, having design aspects that remind seniors of home is also crucial — for more reasons than one.

While form and function are important, there is one other factor, backed by science, that must be kept in mind. Our subconscious minds take in our surroundings and form ideas, moods and even behaviors based on it. Here’s how we at Dogwood Forest take all of these aspects into effect when we build and design our assisted living communities.

Beautiful Form

When it’s possible and practical, we want our residents to bring the furniture they have … Read more...

Resident Spotlight: Betty Steadham

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Where did you grow up?  Betty was born on June 15, 1934 in Atlanta, Georgia and lived there while she grew up.  She was the 3rd oldest in a family of 9 children.  Betty graduated from Russel High School in East Point, Georgia.  

What are some of your favorite memories from your childhood?  Betty states that, being in a family with 9 children, she always had other children to play with. She was part of a family that really loved each other.  She said that she always played hopscotch and made up games with other children in the neighborhood.

What are some of your favorite memories from your adulthood?  Betty states that her future husband Robert Steadham lived in the same area that she did growing up. He was good friends with her brother. When Robert returned from his time … Read more...

How Dogwood Forest Is Defying National Statistics

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Every year, the United Health Foundation releases a myriad of statistics regarding senior health. One of the most important figures is related to how well seniors can thrive in various states. In the most recent report, Massachusetts was ranked number one in the country. At the other end of the spectrum, Louisiana ranked 50th.

Like most of the Southeast, Georgia did not rank too well. According to the report, our state ranked 39th when it comes to senior health. There are many different measures that formed the ranking, from physical inactivity to hospital care. At Dogwood Forest, we know we can’t fix every problem in the state. However, we are working hard to make sure our residents get the care they need.

What the Statistics Show

The United Health Foundation evaluated about 30 different measures to determine each state’s … Read more...

Resident Spotlight: Macie Sewell

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Where did you grow up?  Macie Sewell was born on April 14, 1928 in Hart County, Hartwell, Georgia. She and her family lived in Hartwell until she was almost a teenager, and then they moved to Franklin County where she spent the rest of her growing up years there.  She grew up the third oldest child with two older brothers and one younger sister.  Her two older brothers are deceased and the younger sister is living.  Macie attended and graduated from Lavonia High School in Franklin County. She did not attend college.  

What are some of your favorite memories from your childhood?  Macie states that she remembers in the fall that she and her other brothers and sister had to help pick cotton with their father being a farmer.  She also remembers that when her father sold the first bail … Read more...

Living Environments That Reduce Stress in Seniors

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When you have lived in the same home for many years, it can be stressful to make a move. It can be especially difficult if you are dealing with ailing health or memory problems. However, there are ways to reduce stress on your new location. Dogwood Forest communities uses scientific research to make sure our residents are not dealing with too much stress, besides perhaps what haircut to get from our salon.

We have learned that the best way to help our residents relax is to make sure their memories are not thrown out when they move in. We also utilize other comforts of home to make the transition much easier. Moving to a Dogwood Forest community does not mean leaving your life of memories behind. In fact, many of the tools we use help you keep those memories fresh … Read more...

Dogwood Forest of Grayson is Under Way!

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We are so excited about our new community coming to Grayson! Watching the build has been amazing.  Our infrastructure is being constructed with the very best materials– steel and concrete which ensures our communities are built with some of the highest safety levels in the world. They are also compartmentalized with electronic smoke doors that close to ensure flames are contained in case of fire.

See our progress below and learn more about what makes us different.!


Steel and Concrete Dogwood Forest Grayson Steel Beams Steel Beams Steel Beams… Read more...

Floor Plan Options and How to Work With Them

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At Dogwood Forest, we offer a few different floor plans to our residents. Each one is designed with comfort and navigability in mind. Though they are spacious, they are much smaller than, say, the house you may have owned the past 30 years. That does not mean, however, that there is not room for personalization. You can easily make your room uniquely yours, a small taste of the home you moved from.

Here are a few examples of floor plans available at Dogwood Forest:

The Georgian: 2 bedrooms, 2 ½ bathrooms, 1071 square feet

The Bainbridge: 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 691 square feet

The Franklin: 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 790 square feet

The Darien: 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, den, 1100 square feet

Though these are standard floor plans, how you make it your own is up to you. Here are … Read more...

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