Attorney Miles P. Hurley Discusses Wills, Trusts and More

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Fountain pen, eye glasses and a last will and testament on a vinyl desk pad. A form is printed on a mulberry paper and waiting to be filled and signed by testator

As we reach our Golden Years, the reality that we will not be here forever begins to set in. However, we can still be here to support our loved ones long after we have left this world. It all begins with having the right provisional documents in place. We recently sat down with attorney Miles P. Hurley to discuss these documents, as well as the confusion that often comes with them.

Miles is certified as an Elder Law Attorney by the National Elder Law Foundation, the only organization approved by the American Bar Association to offer certification in the specialization area of Elder Law. Here’s what we had to say:

1. What legal documents are most important for seniors? Which ones are often overlooked?

Every senior should have, at the minimum, a will, a power of attorney for finances, … Read more...

Best Daytime Activities for Seniors

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Elderly couple with their bikes

It’s a widely known fact that seniors who remain active experience better physical, spiritual and mental health. Growing older doesn’t mean you have to just sit in your house or give up the things you love to do. You may not be strong enough to run a marathon or spend hours in the garden anymore, but most activities can be tailored to your abilities.

For seniors without an extended support system, finding things to do can be difficult. The good news is that there are dozens of safe, fun daytime activities that any senior can participate in, with or without a partner. Here are just a few ideas if you are a senior, or love a senior, and are looking for ways to remain active.

1. Walking

Studies have shown that walking daily can help to maintain heart, organ and … Read more...

Benefits of Geriatric Massage Therapy

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Female massage therapist massaging back of senior man in medical office

Many people in the country indicate that massage therapy is a vital component of their overall health and wellness. Massage isn’t just for athletes or the rich and famous. Massage has benefits for people of any age and walk of life, and those benefits continue as we age.

Massage therapy can be a non-invasive way of alleviating the symptoms related to age-related changes in the body. It can benefit the entire body, from head to foot. When you find a therapist who understands how to work with the aging body, you reap the benefits in a tremendous way.

What Is Geriatric Massage?

Geriatric massage is a form of massage therapy that meets the needs of an elderly person. Its intent is to help improve blood circulation, increase range of motion and decrease pain and discomfort. Geriatric massage can help increase … Read more...

Patient Medication Errors are on the Rise

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Elderly person taking medication, two different pills

A recent study has been released, outlining the fact that more patients are making medication errors than ever before. Of those who make these errors, one-third end up hospitalized. Many people are aware that they either  may have made or have made a mistake and put in a call to the U.S. Poison Control Center. The center receives such a call approximately every two minutes.

When a medication error is reported, the person often says that they took the wrong dose. Others say that they took a double dose, and still others report having mistakenly taken another person’s medication. About 14 of the calls the poison control center receives every day result in medical treatment due to the serious nature of the mistake.

Heart Drugs

The most common errors involve cardiovascular drugs. It’s likely that the number of mistakes are … Read more...

First Move-In Day at Grayson!

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We are ecstatic to move-in our first residents at our newly opened Dogwood Forest of Grayson community! Construction began on the 99- unit residence in January 2016, and we’re moving in our first residents today! The community boast a beautiful courtyard area, theatre, wellness center, and much more! We’re located at 1754 Grayson Highway, Grayson, Georgia. Come on by for a visit and take a tour!


 …

Finding the Right Post-Hospital Care for Seniors

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Physiotherapist helping old senior woman on treadmill with handles

For younger people, a trip to the hospital often results in a simple discharge, maybe a couple days of rest, and then continuing on with life as usual. But for seniors, the recovery process is often much longer. They may need physical therapy, nursing care and other services to fully recover. Without professional assistance, many seniors find their health worsens after a hospital visit.

The good news is, there are a few different options for post-hospital care. What kind of services you choose will depend on many factors, including price, availability and simple personal preference. Read on to learn about these different options.

Rehab Centers/Skilled Nursing Facilities

If your loved one will require around-the-clock care while they recover, a skilled nursing facility may be the best option. While this may sound like an expensive choice, Medicare often covers the … Read more...

The Most Dangerous Medicines for Seniors

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Hands of senior woman putting pills into pill box

As people get older, they naturally need more medical care to stay healthy. Part of that care is prescription medicines. With so many new drugs on the market, and new ones being released seemingly on a daily basis, keeping track of which ones are safe for our elderly loved ones is a necessity. Unfortunately, doing so is not always easy.

The American Geriatrics Society regularly updates a list of medicines that have been proven to be dangerous. This list, called the Beers List (after the doctor who originally created it), is used by medical professionals all over America. However, it is a good idea to be aware of the medicines on the list to make sure your loved one isn’t taking a drug that could be unnecessarily harmful.

How the List Is Organized

The Beers List was first created by …

How to Prevent Social Isolation

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Elegant dinner of a multigenerational family, with a grandmother raising her glass in a toast

Social isolation is a growing problem across all age groups, but particularly those aged 65 and older. People who experience social isolation often also experience mental health issues. Over the last three decades, people who express feeling lonely has doubled to 40 percent.

Nearly one-third of people over the age of 65 live alone. The number is even greater for those over 85. Close to 50 percent of these senior citizens live without the company of another human being. Those who are in poor health are the most likely to have feelings of loneliness and depression. Research has shown that this extreme loneliness can cause altered immune systems, inflammation, disrupted sleep and higher levels of stress.

Preventing social isolation is something that has not received much research, but it is becoming a better known issue. Ensuring that people do not … Read more...

Dogwood Forest Welcomes Mount Paran Christian School

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Dogwood Forest loves service work. We service our residents, and we absolutely love giving back! We also love when others do as well! We recently hosted students from Mount Paran Christian School. Students from multiple grade levels volunteered at Dogwood Forest of Acworth as part of their first ever Family Day of Service. The service day involved students volunteering at 15 different locations across Cobb County. At Dogwood Forest, students and their families organized closets, knitted, painted nails, and lead activities.

Here are a few pictures from our awesome day!


Top Free (and Cheap) Activities in Gwinnett, Part 1

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Spending time with your family in metro Atlanta doesn’t have to break the bank. There are many fun activities and sites to see around Gwinnett that can be a fun way to enjoy a weekend or an afternoon. Quite a few of these are within just a few miles of Grayson. In part one of this three-part blog series, we’ll explore some of the treasures of the area, a few of which are hidden, that truly do live up to the motto, “Gwinnett is Great!”

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir (Hindu Temple)

Whether you are Hindu, Muslim, Christian or not religious at all, it’s hard not to appreciate the beautiful architecture of this temple in Lilburn. This is the largest Hindu temple in the United States. The BAPS Temple offer tours to both individuals and groups for free. They only … Read more...

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