(COVID-19) Preparedness and Response

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Dear Residents, Families and Associates:

Holbrook Life’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Preparedness and Response team has found it necessary to update our March 13, 2020 interventions to reflect a more stringent closed community policy. Every decision we make is in the spirit to protect our residents and staff over and beyond what we’ve already put in place in response to the now COVID-19 pandemic. Please rest assured that we will continue to follow proper screening procedures for all staff members and any approved visitor each time they enter the Community.

Effective Midnight, Wednesday, March 18, 2020 the following updates will be implemented:

Holbrook Communities: We strongly encourage residents to not leave the Community for anything other than a necessary medically life-sustaining appointment that the physician does not recommend postponing. This is to reduce exposure to thepublic that hasn’t been screened for signs… Read more...

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Your Loved One in Assisted Living

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Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Your Loved One in Assisted Living

Valentine’s Day is a time for love and showing affection to those who truly matter in your life. That does not have to change when your parent is in assisted living! The romance can continue no matter where Mom or Dad are living nowadays, and our team at Dogwood Forest Assisted Living  has a few tips for keeping the romance alive!

The key with all of these tips is to remember that whether or not your parents are in assisted living, celebrating a holiday like Valentine’s Day together is beneficial for all. You will get precious lifetime memories and they will feel the loved and appreciated.

4 Tips on a Having Lovely Valentine’s Day:

1. Design a Card Together: Not only is designing your own Valentine’s Day card much … Read more...

Making a Memory Journal, Keeping Family History While Building a Bond

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Making a Memory Journal, Keeping Family History While Building a Bond

There’s a common misconception that keeping a journal is only beneficial or fun for young kids. However, journaling can be enjoyable for all ages and walks of life! In fact, journaling is proven to greatly improve mental health, reduce stress, boost your mood, and keep your memory sharp. So how can you bring the benefits of keeping a journal to your loved one in assisted living in Dunwoody? We recommend starting a memory journal! A memory journal is a great way to keep family memories intact and spend quality time with your senior in assisted living Dunwoody!

Step One: Choose a journal

This can be any kind of notebook you’d like! This can be a standard notebook used for school or a pretty journal. Craft stores like Michaels or … Read more...

How Can I Help My Parents Enjoy Christmas While in Assisted Living in Dunwoody?

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How Can I Help My Parents Enjoy Christmas While in Assisted Living?

The holidays are the most wonderful time of year, and that doesn’t have to change because your parents are in assisted living. Whatever your family’s traditions, you can create a magical holiday season for your Mom or Dad.

Assisted living in Dunwoody makes it easy for residents, families, and staff to enjoy the holiday season without all the stress that usually comes with this time of year. Here are our tips for creating a meaningful, festive, and fun holiday season for your parents in assisted living:

Never isolate a parent while in assisted living Cold weather can keep people indoors for most of this season, so it’s even more important to make sure your loved one in assisted living has plenty of time for socializing and getting outdoors … Read more...

Celebrating Thanksgiving When Your Mom Has Dementia

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Dementia Does Not Have To Mean The End To Family Gatherings

Thanksgiving is a holiday focused around family, friends, and giving thanks while sharing a meal together. However, when your Mother, or any member of the family, is dealing with dementia, celebrating Thanksgiving may seem like a monumental task. The hustle and bustle that usually surrounds a holiday like Thanksgiving can be overwhelming for anyone living with dementia or Alzheimers.… Read more...

What To Expect When A Parent Goes To Assisted Living

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A Realistic Look at the Move to Assisted Living

Moving a parent into assisted living is a challenging and emotional change. Your parents may grieve the loss of their youth, their independence, and the home they worked to build. They might also be worried about aging, making friends, finding their place in a new environment.

This will have you second-guessing your decision through the whole process. Plus you will feel guilty. All of these feelings are normal and do not last forever. To help ease your mind, here are 10 things you should know about moving a parent to assisted living.… Read more...

Dogwood Assisted Living Communities Offer 8 Tips For Inspiring Activity In Seniors

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Keep Your Mind And Body Active As You Age

As adults get older, they tend to become less active. This can be attributed to more aches and pains, less energy, or fewer friends to exercise with. Regardless, this is a natural trend that can be easily reversed. A recent study by the National Institute on Aging found that physical activity is linked to better cognition in senior adults, even for those with dementia. Dogwood Forest Assisted Living in Atlanta, Acworth, Dunwoody and Grayson offer these 8 ways seniors can engage their minds and bodies for healthy aging.… Read more...

Dogwood Forest Assisted Living Resident Celebrates 100 years!

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Assisted-Living-GPhillips-100years - courtesy of Fox5 News
A Special Celebration At Dogwood Forest Assisted Living Community

We had a special celebration for one of our residents at our Dogwood Forest Assisted Living facility in Dunwoody earlier this month.  Our resident Garrie Phillips celebrated turning 100 years on July 10. … Read more...

Assisted Living Tips for Enjoying the Summer

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Assisted Living Dunwoody_Summer
Summer’s Here, and Here’s How to Stay Safe This Season

Whether you have fond memories of family vacations, summer love or the simple days at the beach, fun times are to be had during the summer. It’s a season when we get to heat up the grill and take a dip in the pool, but with the good comes the bad. The high temperatures can be exhausting – especially so without being careful. Before you pull out your sandals and sunglasses, let’s go through the top suggestions for staying safe this summer, according to our assisted living professionals at Dogwood Forest of Dunwoody.… Read more...

Adult Day Care, How It Works

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Adult Dare Care Dunwoody Georgia_Having Fun
Is Adult Day Care a Solution for Your Loved One?

Providing the support your loved one needs is a job that is neverending. Despite going the extra mile each day, you sometimes can’t commit to the time required to care for your loved one. Though your dedication is endless, time unfortunately isn’t. For those moments when you can’t physically be there to care for them, adult day care is a viable solution, but what exactly is adult care?

We’re here today to explore the ins and outs of adult day care, understanding that your job as a caregiver requires compassionate and tireless work. Is adult day care your solution? Let’s spend some time exploring this option.… Read more...