Preparing Your Parents for a Move into Assisted Living

Posted by The Mauldin Group on August 31st, 2021 in Dunwoody, GA | No Comments

Making the decision to move parents into an assisted living home can be difficult for both parents and children. There is lots of prep work that goes into any move, but moving senior parents out of their home requires a bit more planning. Difficult decisions must be made, but adult children can ease this process for their parents. One of the most important steps in this transition is selecting the right assisted living home. Dogwood Forest understands that the environment you live in deeply impacts your quality of life. That is why we offer enriched and inspired Assisted Living in Dunwoody, Georgia and all our Dogwood Forest communities. For more information about the Dogwood Difference, click here.  

Making the Switch 

Moving in general can seem like a daunting task with the endless list of things to take care of. Adult children can ease the stress on their parents when making the switch from independent to assisted living by taking some simple steps ahead.  

  • Personal Items: Downsizing from a house into a smaller living space is no easy task. Help your parents sort through their things and decide what will be making the move and what will be finding a new home. Ask if other family members want to give some items a new life in their own homes. Keeping items in the family feels better than donating them or throwing them away, and it creates a way for family members to connect over family heirlooms. Contact the assisted living home for room measurements and other information about what the facility will provide for your apartment so you know what can make the move and what needs to move on.  assisted-living-dunwoody-ga
  • Homes: Deciding what to do with your parents’ house is a difficult decision. Ask your parents if they feel comfortable selling, or if they would rather leave their home in the care of another family member. Contact a senior real estate specialist for more information on how to best handle this situation.  
  • Pets: Most assisted living facilities do not allow pets outside of service animals. The companionship pets provide is truly unmatched and it may be upsetting for elderly parents to head into this new life chapter without their little furry friends. Arranging for a family member to care for the pet is an excellent solution for all parties. This allows for senior parents to still visit their beloved pets, as well as causing less stress for the pet.  
  • Legal Items: On a more serious note, handling your parents’ legal affairs, like finances and power of attorney, is an important discussion that needs to happen throughout this process. Discuss options and make informed decisions based on your parents’ conditions. Bank of America has tips for approaching this subject with elderly parents, click here to read more.  
  • Emotional Discussions: These are difficult conversations to navigate for both adult children and elderly parents. Start planning early and set up a realistic move-in timeline, if possible, so your parents don’t feel rushed into this arrangement. Take time to listen to their concerns, reassure them that this is the best decision for their health and safety. Ask the assisted living community staff if your parent can start attending events and socializing with their new neighbors. Set up a family visiting schedule or a weekly dinner so elderly parents don’t feel out of touch with loved ones. Making your loved ones feel supported throughout this change will make them feel good about this decision.  

Dogwood Forest Assisted Living in Dunwoody, Georgia assisted-living-dunwoody-ga-eating

A healthy living environment makes a world of difference in the quality of life of assisted living residents. Dogwood Forest offers enriched and inspired senior living in Dunwoody, Georgia with beautiful, spacious apartments, exciting community activities, and luxurious amenities. Your senior family members will feel right at home in our loving care.  

Dogwood Forest understands that this can be a difficult transition for families. We are here to make the move to assisted living as smooth as possible. Give us a call at  (770)691-3900, or contact us here for more information.