Making a Memory Journal, Keeping Family History While Building a Bond

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Making a Memory Journal, Keeping Family History While Building a Bond

There’s a common misconception that keeping a journal is only beneficial or fun for young kids. However, journaling can be enjoyable for all ages and walks of life! In fact, journaling is proven to greatly improve mental health, reduce stress, boost your mood, and keep your memory sharp. So how can you bring the benefits of keeping a journal to your loved one in assisted living in Dunwoody? We recommend starting a memory journal! A memory journal is a great way to keep family memories intact and spend quality time with your senior in assisted living Dunwoody!

Step One: Choose a journal

This can be any kind of notebook you’d like! This can be a standard notebook used for school or a pretty journal. Craft stores like Michaels or even Target carry several options. Choose one that you believe your senior will like and will preserve well for family later on. The only other thing you need is a pen, and maybe a few photos if you’d like to preserve them in the journal!

Step Two: Make time for journaling

Come up with a journaling routine with the senior in your life! Especially if they’re in memory care, a routine will give them something to look forward to and a goal to focus on. When journaling is something you do together, they will reap the health benefits of journaling even more! Consider making it a weekly lunch date or an evening activity where you turn off the television and enjoy each-others company.

Step Three: Ask them questions!

Beginning your journal is as simple as asking questions. What is your happiest memory? What did you love to do when you were a child? Depending on their capabilities, focus the questions around things they will want to talk about. You never know what stories may come out of a simple question! Be sure to write down each memory and date them if you can, and keep a list of the questions you’d like to ask so you don’t forget any!

Step Four: Enjoy the quality time together

Not only is journaling beneficial for your senior in assisted living Dunwoody, but it’s beneficial for the caregiver too. Taking care of a senior who is in memory care can be taxing emotionally. Writing down memories will help you connect with your loved one and better understand their history. Not only are you reminiscing together, but the journal will be passed on for generations and cherished by family members to come!

Memory Care at Dogwood Forest: A passion of ours and a hope for you

Whether through Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or another condition, memory loss can be a discouraging battle to go through. This is something close to the hearts of the folks at Dogwood Forest Assisted Living in Dunwoody, which is why we offer memory care programs to help you and your loved one through this phase of life. Love has no end, and the team at Dogwood is ready to be your solution for memory care. The hope and care you need are at Dogwood Forest.

Through therapy, diet and wellness programs, we have the tools and know-how to help your loved one. The staff of our positive community is ready to make a difference. Dogwood Forest offers clinically proven non-drug therapies for memory care. To receive the memory care you’ve been looking for, contact us today to learn more about our facilities and services. Call us now at 678-831-4999 to take the next step of your journey.