What to Look for When Considering an Assisted Living Community

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When your parents are of an age that you begin to think an assisted living community may be in their best interests, it’s time to have a serious talk. It’s not unusual for aging parents to buck the idea of moving out of their homes and into a “center,” simply because they have a misconception of what assisted living really is.

Your parents, and maybe even you, will have a picture of a sterile hospital setting with lonely seniors lining the halls. This is nothing like what assisted living communities are like today. Think of these living centers as a way for your parents to maintain as much independence as they can while having people nearby who can provide the care they need.

If your parents are considering an assisted living community, or if you believe it is time to have a talk with them about moving into one, there are a few things you should be looking for when choosing a new residence. Not all communities are created equal. Here are some of the things to consider.

1. Convenient Location

The first thing to consider is location. You certainly don’t want your parents moving so far away that visiting them becomes a chore instead of a pleasure. The community should be close enough that the family that visits regularly still can.

2. What’s Offered

You and your parents will want to know what the assisted living community has to offer. Many have social groups, entertainment and even great meal plans. If your parents have specific interests, finding a community that will allow them to pursue what they love can be important.

3. Campus Setting

You may want to choose an assisted living community that is set up like a campus to ensure that your parents’ needs are met both now and in the future. While your parents will be just fine in an apartment for now, they may need more skilled nursing care in the future. When you choose a campus-like setting, your parents won’t be put through the hassle of a big move when their needs change.

4. Contract Details

When you narrow your choices down, you will want to see the contracts of each community. The contracts should tell you what type of payment is accepted and how, what will happen to your parents’ residence should they require temporary hospitalization, the rules and regulations and how the community is staffed.

5. Make a Visit

Nothing will take the place of a visit to the assisted living communities you are considering. You and your parents should schedule a visit that will allow you to see the apartments, the grounds and the common areas at the very least. While you certainly won’t see every nook and cranny, you should be able to see enough that you are able to make an informed decision.

If you are interested in assisted living in the Atlanta Metro area, please call our friendly team members. We will be happy to answer the questions that you have and schedule a visit to one of our communities.

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