Let’s Get Physical: Encouraging Movement for Your Senior Loved Ones

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Stay Active with Your Loved Ones in Assisted Living 

Physical and mental health are important to people of all ages. Remaining physically active is still possible for senior adults, so and exercising at that age can be done through enjoyable hobbies. Having an appropriate activity level is key, and here are different ways for your senior loved one to still live their lives to the fullest.  


5 Tips on Enhancing An Active Lifestyle

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Do exercises that enhance strength and balance 

Issues like medical conditions, impaired eyesight, or side effects of medication can make it difficult for seniors to stay balanced and cause them to lose balance suffer an injury. Therefore, engaging in moderate exercise program is crucial. Exercises like Single Leg Stance and Stability Ball are great for coordination and balance. Additionally, water aerobics, swimming, and dancing are also excellent activities to consider. Remember to talk with a doctor about the activity level and types of exercise that are suitable for your aging relatives. 


Grow a garden 

According to the American Red Heart Associationgardening is a moderate-intensity aerobic activity. Being out in the sun helps the body produce more vitamin D. Getting around the garden helps enhance flexibility and reduce the risk of stroke. Besides the physical health benefits, your elderly loved ones will also thrive on the positive emotional effects of gardening. Wouldn’t it be lovely to see your senior loved ones plant a batch of flowers or harvest a fresh vegetable crop? 


Go on a family trip 

There’s no better way to make memories with people that you love than going on a trip with them. It’s a wonderful way for your elderly loved ones to explore new sights while spending time with the family. As to have a seamless travel experience with seniors, here are a few tips for you: 

  • Book a non-stop flight if possible 
  • Choose a senior-friendly tour or cruise 
  • Request and reserve accommodations for older adults 
  • Carry an emergency kit and enough medication 
  • Pack all medications in your carry-on baggage 


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Volunteer and attend local events 

Social isolation often occurs to older adults as they tend to engage less with the community than an average resident. That doesn’t have to be the case for your senior loved ones. There are many types of volunteering opportunities for the elders, including helping out at the local food drives, becoming a mentor, or assist a local politician that they support. Seniors have a unique skill set and knowledge to offer as volunteers. Besides, giving back can give them a more positive outlook on life. 


Join a retirement community 

Senior centers are available in most neighborhoods and communities. It’s a great place for socialization and seniors’ mental health enrichment. Weekly bingo games and ice cream socials, support groups, and political forums – there are lots of activities to participate in. It’s always important to have a sense of belonging, and joining a local senior center might just be what your elderly loved ones need to meet new people and engage with the world.  


An Active Lifestyle with Assisted Living in Acworth 

At Dogwood Forest, we help maximize our residents’ quality of life. Our wellness services and life enrichment programs are designed to help your aging relative maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. With locations in Dunwoody, Atlanta, Grayson, and Acworth, Dogwood Forest is ready to help during your time of need. 

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