Resident Spotlight: Tom Munson

Posted by Kia Crawford on March 26th, 2012 in Fayetteville, GA | No Comments

My name is Tom Munson. Some call me free spirit, Mr. outgoing, Mr. Doing my thing – that’s me.

I was raised in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida as a Navy brat. I was always on the move all the time. In high school, me and a buddy saved our money and decided after graduation we would travel before college.  So, we got a 1940 Ford Coupe, put a mattress in the back seat, and 14 states later, including Canada, we did the guy thing. After the adventure, it was time to take the coach up on a scholarship to play ball for Florida State University. tom-munson-senior-living-resident-in-fayetteville-ga

In 1957, the state legislation passed the law that University of Florida plays Florida State every year in sports. My freshman basketball team was the first to beat them, also having 16 girls to every one guy was not bad either. I enjoyed and played every sport through my school years.  I have so many good memories playing football, baseball, basketball, tennis and running track. Sports now keep me in front of the television watching the sport channels all night and day.

After leaving school, I joined the airline industry starting as a cargo boy for United Airline and working my way up the runway to Sales Manager handling the transportation schedule for the St. Louis Cardinals basketball and football team. My other past time enjoyments is reading about sports, working crossword puzzles and playing bingo. I am a friendly people person and here at Dogwood Forest’s senior living community in Fayetteville, GA, it’s just like working at the airport –  there’s a smile and a helpful hand on every floor.