Resident Spotlight: Patricia S. Garner

Posted by Kia Crawford on December 7th, 2011 in Dunwoody, GA, Spirit | No Comments

Patricia, a resident of Dogwood Forest’s senior living community in Dunwoody, GA, grew up in Little Rock Arkansas, the oldest of six children. Along came four sisters and number six, a boy! Patricia remembers her mother not allowing anyone on staff at the hospital to tell her father they had a boy so she could share the exciting news.  patricia-garner

Memories of childhood included family vacations to the beaches of North Carolina (after all, only Yankee’s went to Florida) and singing in the cathedral of Mt. Saint Mary’s in Little Rock.

During the war, gasoline shortages became a challenge when trying to be sure that family members would be able to return home after a family wedding.

But other wise, Patricia can not recall hardships caused by goods that were rationed.

Patricia would give young college graduates advise to ‘Read”, read everything. Re read the classic’s. And don’t spend a fortune on a big weddings. Use your money for a home, anything of lasting values.

After graduating from nursing school, Patricia married Dr. Garner, a pediatrician, and followed him to Europe after the war. He trained new army doctors.

Their daughter Jeanne was born there. The Garners had 3 girls and one boy.

Patricia was attracted to Dogwood Forest’s senior living community in Dunwoody, GA for the rehab services,  the diversity of the community converted her to a long time resident. Patricia so enjoys her assistant Menbrat and considers her her “Best Friend.”