Resident Spotlight: Ms. Wood

Posted by Kia Crawford on November 18th, 2011 in Fayetteville, GA | No Comments

Ms. CIA is what you can call me. For most of my career and my husband’s career, we have been a part of the military, working and traveling over the world. I was born in Hapeville, Georgia and named Teresa Joiner.

Growing up in the south was so much fun, like looking for four leaf clovers with my grandmother, who lived across the field from us. My first job was a secretary for the FAA, then as a secretary at Pittsburgh Paint, where in 1967 I was crowned Miss PPG. I met a good looking chemist at Pittsburgh Paint, and he became my best friend and husband for 18 years.

As I look back on my life from my current home in this senior living community in Fayetteville, GA, traveling and meeting people have been my favorite memories and I guess I would have to thank my husband for that. On our honeymoon in December of 1966 he got his draft notice and we were off to California for the Army. Our next stop was Washington, DC where he became an Officer in the Old Guard for Arlington Cemetery and I worked at the Pentagon.

We then moved to Ft. Walton, Florida to the Eglin Air Force Base, where we were stationed for 10 years. The CIA was our last assignment before I came back home to Georgia. I was a secretary for the department of Army, and my husband was a covered agent killed in 1984 doing an undercover assignment in San Salvador. To our wonderful union were born two great kids: my first born, Brian Scott, who is a graduate of Georgia Tech and an Air Force pilot, and then our daughter Tasca, (her father spoke 5 different languages and gave her that beautiful Russian name) who is also a Georgia Tech graduate and a CPA.

Hands down my best accomplishment has been a mom and grandmother of 4. I stress to them take your education very seriously. My husband held two master degrees in Physics and Electrical Engineering.

Next month will be a year that I have lived here  at Dogwood Forest of Fayetteville, GA after suffering a stroke that kept me from living on my own. I knew I wanted to remain on the south side of town so this decision was easy. I am grateful for the comfortable care I get from the great staff.