Resident Spotlight: Julia Morgan

Posted by Kia Crawford on February 7th, 2012 in Eagles Landing, GA | No Comments

Where did you grow up?

Julia was born on Dec. 19, 1916 in Asheville, N.C.   She grew up in family of 7 children 5 girls and 2 boys and she was one of the middle children.   She lived in Ashville until about 1961 and she and her husband moved to the Atlanta area.

What are some of your favorite memories from  your childhood? julia-morgan-assisted-living-stockbridge-ga-resident

When she was young, she stole a pig from a farmer who was selling animals and produce in town of Asheville and she took it home and hid it in her closet and dressed the pig in doll clothes.  When her parents found out that she took the pig they made her return the pig and admit to the farmer what she had done and she says that she never took what did not belong to her ever again.  Another favorite memory from her childhood was that she and her sister participated in an Easter Parade in Asheville and pushed a wagon in the parade.

What are some of your favorite memories from adulthood?

She got married to husband Dwite Morgan at the age of 19 and they were happily married for over 60 years.  Julia talks often about owning and riding Harley Davidson motorcycles with her uncle owning a Harley Davidson dealership and she and her husband would go on various trips on their motorcycles including to Florida many times.  Julia also competed in a Miss Daytona Beach Beauty contest.  She did not win but got a free swim suite for competing in the contest.

Did you have a profession? 

She was mainly a housewife and mother but did have a few brief jobs and did various volunteer work over the years.

Do you remember what was happening during a significant time in US History? 

Julia remembers hearing about the end of WWII and how happy everyone was.  She remembers being able to talk to her husband about the end of the war and that he would be home soon.

What accomplishments are you most proud of? 

She had a very happy marriage with her husband Dwite Morgan of over 60 years and they had two wonderful daughters who turned out great and she has wonderful grandchildren that she is very proud of and close to to this day.

Is there anything that you have learned that you would like to share with someone just graduating from college?

Julia says that her best advice is to always associate with good people and get a job that you like and live a good life doing good for others.

Is there anything that you have learned that you would like to share with someone starting a family?

Julia states to always love your children and have patience with them and teach them the right way to live and have a strong relationship with the Lord.

What brought you Dogwood Forest’s assisted living community here in Stockbridge, GA?

Prior to coming to Dogwood Forest, Julia had lost a lot of her vision and it was not safe for her to live alone anymore.  Her doctor advised her and her family that she should no longer live alone and so Julia and her daughter looked at several assisted living communities in Stockbridge, GA and chose Dogwood Forest because the admissions director was so friendly and they loved that the community had a dog (and so the place had to be great!). She also loved that Dogwood Forest served wine to Residents at supper.

How do you enjoy Dogwood Forest? 

Julia states that she loves it here.  That she loves the other Residents and the staff who help take care of her and she loves that there is always fun things to do here. Whenever she feels down, she gets out of her room and does things that help lift her mood.  Julia’s daughter states that she does not think that her mother would still be alive if she was not at Dogwood Forest.  Julia also is very happy that her daughter is local.