Resident Spotlight: James Didriksen

Posted by Kia Crawford on October 13th, 2011 in Dunwoody, GA | No Comments

Our resident James Bond Didriksen is always a pleasure to spend time with. On one recent occasion, he gave a very interesting overview of his life up to this point. Here are some thoughts he shared.

Although Jim was born in Detroit, Michigan, he grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut. His childhood was filled with operating a player piano, playing the tuba and saxophone. He enjoyed sailing, dancing classes, Spanish classes, and playing Chess.

Jim attended Yale, and graduated from the University of Maine with a degree in Engineering Physics. After working in that field for many years Jim worked with the Yale Peabody Mjim-didriksonuseum of Natural History.

Jim and Marina Hedlund were married June 25, 1966. This is truly one of the most memorable events of his adult life. They were married for 43 1/2 years. Marina was a wonderful piano player, and they made beautiful music together.

Jim’s activity in amateur radio continues today, as he is a very active member of the Dunwoody senior living community. He does this in addition to voice, piano, and Spanish lessons, and he is an active member of the New Horizons Band based out of the Dorothy Benson Center in Sandy Springs, GA. Our residents recently enjoyed his concert at the Benson Center.

Historical events Jim recalls in his lifetime, being informed by Larry Saint George that the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor, and hearing of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s death on the radio. Upon learning of WWll ending, he celebrated by blowing the baritone horn!

Becoming a member of MENSA, and earning a private pilot’s license despite being blind in one eye were high points in his life.

Jim had great advice for couples starting a life together: “Be wary of financial responsibilities of supporting a growing family” and “Reminder, that a family that prays together, stays together.”

Like so many of Jim’s fellow residents here at Dogwood Forest of Dunwoody, having a sister in the area was a great reason to move south, the lower cost of living in Georgia was also an advantage. Assisted living in Dunwoody, GA was a good fit for Jim.

Jim enjoys his new home at Dogwood Forest because it features assisted living in Dunwoody, and the facility encourages residents to manage facets and responsibilities of their own living that are within their own capabilities.

Although Jim feels that new friend are too numerous to list, he enjoys the personal relationships he is developing as well as Happy Hour.