Adult Day Care, How It Works

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Is Adult Day Care a Solution for Your Loved One?

Providing the support your loved one needs is a job that is neverending. Despite going the extra mile each day, you sometimes can’t commit to the time required to care for your loved one. Though your dedication is endless, time unfortunately isn’t. For those moments when you can’t physically be there to care for them, adult day care is a viable solution, but what exactly is adult care?

We’re here today to explore the ins and outs of adult day care, understanding that your job as a caregiver requires compassionate and tireless work. Is adult day care your solution? Let’s spend some time exploring this option.

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What is Adult Day Care?

Adult day care is a beneficial service that can be boiled down to three different elements: care benefits, socialization, and conveniences for either the caretaker or the loved one.

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Care Benefits

The difficulties of day-to-day life for your loved one can become worry-free with adult day care. As a caretaker, you can take a step back from the demanding care you provide day in and day out, comfortably knowing that your loved one is in great hands. An adult day care program will provide assistance such as counseling, exercise programs and health monitoring. Below are just a few examples of the care one can expect from an adult day care program.

  • Assistance with eating, medicine management and hygiene
  • Meal and snack preparation
  • Therapy
  • Transportation services


As human beings, we’re designed and programmed to live life together. Nothing can replace being with another person, and isolation is a worst-case scenario for many. An adult day care service puts a priority on socialization and activities that bring people together to share a few laughs and smiles. Whether through exercise or crafts, socialization is an important factor of adult day care. Below are just a few examples of opportunities for those in adult day care to connect with those around them.

  • Adult Dare Care Dunwoody Georgia_SocialCrafts
  • Cooking
  • Field trips
  • Games
  • Gardening


Caring for someone is a demanding job that has no breaks. Since none of us can be there 24/7, adult day care offers a solution that assures your loved one is safe and taken care of around the clock – even while you have to understandably spend some time at work. Adult day care is a convenience for the caregiver, allowing them to take a break and go to work. Adult day care is also a benefit for your loved one because it’ll allow them to become deeply involved in a positive, beneficial community and will provide structure to their daily activities.

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