How Can I Help My Parents Enjoy Christmas While in Assisted Living in Dunwoody?

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How Can I Help My Parents Enjoy Christmas While in Assisted Living?

The holidays are the most wonderful time of year, and that doesn’t have to change because your parents are in assisted living. Whatever your family’s traditions, you can create a magical holiday season for your Mom or Dad.

Assisted living in Dunwoody makes it easy for residents, families, and staff to enjoy the holiday season without all the stress that usually comes with this time of year. Here are our tips for creating a meaningful, festive, and fun holiday season for your parents in assisted living:

Never isolate a parent while in assisted living
Cold weather can keep people indoors for most of this season, so it’s even more important to make sure your loved one in assisted living has plenty of time for socializing and getting outdoors this year.

Isolating seniors puts them at a greater risk of becoming depressed or lonely, which can directly affect their physical health. Instead of keeping your parent indoors this year, consult with your assisted living facility on the holiday events they have planned, or any that may be appropriate in your area. Events within the facility are a safe and easy way to help the senior in your life enjoy the magic of the season, and will be planned with your loved one’s needs in mind.

Bring the celebration to your loved one
Contact your assisted living in Dunwoody facility and discuss the options with a staff member. Bringing the holiday party to your parent’s assisted living facility is perfect for a senior in memory care or with limited mobility.

Hosting Christmas day at your loved ones assisted living home has many benefits. There will plenty of opportunities for alone time, should the senior become overwhelmed, and they’ll feel safe and secure within their own space. Not to mention, your parent will feel truly appreciated that the family went out of their way to celebrate with them.

Incorporate family tradition
Mom may not be able to make her famous dessert for Christmas this year, but someone else in the family may be able to give it a shot! Incorporate as many old traditions as you can. You may need to adjust your traditions in assisted living in Dunwoody to better fit your parent’s new lifestyle, but any effort to incorporate the family traditions will be greatly appreciated by all.

Reminisce with your loved ones
Take time this holiday season to ask your senior in assisted living about their favorite holiday memories and experiences. Seniors have experienced so much in life and have so much to teach us. It’s important to ask them!

Bring out old photos and spend time absorbing old stories, hearing about old traditions, and collecting special recipes. Each moment is precious!

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