A Guide For Returning Unwanted Christmas Gifts

Posted by admin on January 9th, 2018 in Holidays | No Comments

Ugly Christmas sweaters are all the rage. People have parties and encourage dressing in a way that you would never on any other day of the year. Ugly sweaters aside, receiving an unexpected or unwanted gift can be a bit disappointing. Your thoughts immediately turn to your ability to regift or return the item without hurting the giver’s feelings.

You don’t want to ask for a receipt so that you can exchange the gift, but you don’t want to be stuck with something you’ll never use. Problem solved. Here are several ways you can exchange that gift without having to ask your loved one for the receipt.

1. Check Policies

Different stores have different policies regarding the return or exchange of an item without a receipt, so always check the store’s policy first. For example, Walmart will return an item without a receipt for cash if it was less than $25. Amazon will take things back under their gift return policy. The point? Don’t waste your time coming up with a plausible story when you don’t need one.

2. Do It Quickly

Generally speaking, you’re going to have better luck returning an item the faster you get it done. Many stores have policies that dictate returns must be done within 90 days of purchase. You can still try to return the item without a receipt, saying it was a gift, but you may be denied.

3. Be Polite

It’s very true that you will get more assistance if you remain calm and polite. Don’t take anything out on the customer service representative who is more than likely just trying to follow store rules. If you aren’t getting anywhere with the customer service representative, ask to speak to a supervisor or manager. Chances are that you aren’t going to get much help if you are rude.

4. Have Evidence

It is going to be more difficult to return something if you don’t have evidence that it came from that particular store, especially because you don’t have the receipt. If you have any inclination that you may want to return clothing, for example, be sure to leave the tags on. If you get a gift that you don’t like, keep it in its original packaging while you are deciding what to do with it.

5. Be Happy with Credit

In many cases, stores have policies that they will only return items without a receipt in exchange for store credit. You might have to be happy with that. Keep in mind that you are returning an item without a receipt which is already a small ding against you. If a store is willing to give you credit in the amount of the original item, take it.

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