Great Benefits of Red Wine

Posted by Kia Crawford on May 4th, 2012 in Body, Education, Gainesville, GA, Mind, Research | No Comments

For years, researchers have documented the healthful benefits of red wine. It has been a staple in human diets for thousands of years. Wine was first fermented around 6,000 b.c. in the Georgia region between Europe and Asia. Wine was known to have healthful benefits. Red Wine was known to be

healthful then, and substantial scientific evidence is proof that we should include red wine in our diets. With its warm shutterstock_333771275and robust flavor, red wine is has several health benefits from fighting fat to fighting ovarian cancer.

Benefits of Red Wine

Fights Memory Loss: The resveratrol in red wine helps to protect the brain against Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Dementia and Alzheimer’s prevention is especially important to Dogwood Forest of Gainesville.

Longevity: Not only does the resveratrol found in red wine help to protect against Alzheimer’s and dementia, but may also increase your life span. Researchers have conducted several animal studies and found that resveratrol extended the life of the animals.

Fights Cancer: Red wine has been shown to fight against cancers such as ovarian, prostate, lung and breast cancers. When consumed in moderation (one  glass of red wine per day), researchers have found that red wine reduced the risk of lung cancer by 13%, prostate cancer by 60%, and ovarian cancer by as much as 50%. However, moderation is key because researchers also found that women who consumed more than 1-2 alcoholic beverages a day increased their risk of breast cancer.

Heart Healthy: The benefits of red wine for the heart has been well documented. The resveratrol and antioxidants in red white helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

May Strengthen the Immune System: Researchers found that regular consumptions may help protect against colds and other infections.

Get More Sleep: Red wine has melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland. This hormone controls your sleep patterns. The more melatonin, the better you sleep.

Regulates Blood Sugar and Cholesterol: It has been found, that one or two glasses of wine helps to decrease the chances of developing type 2 diabetes because red wine seems to reduce insulin resistance. Red wine also helps lower LDL cholesterol.

Fights Fat: Studies also found that alcohol may make your body work harder to burn calories.Studies have found that individuals who consumed wine moderately have slimmer waist lines than those who drink liquors.

Other ways red wine has healthful benefits include controlling inflammation and boost estrogen levels which slows the destruction of bone.

Our residents at Dogwood Forest Assisted Living in Gainesville, Ga. know the health benefits of red wine. We often include red wine in our daily socials. The most popular red wines are Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Shiraz. Each wine pairs well with certain foods. Generally, red wine pairs well the red meats, and rich cheeses such as blue cheese. With a little experimenting, red wine also pairs well with chocalate.