Dogwood Forest Assisted Living Resident Celebrates 100 years!

Posted by The Mauldin Group on July 17th, 2019 in Acworth Ga, Dunwoody, GA, Grayson Ga., Spirit | No Comments

A Special Celebration At Dogwood Forest Assisted Living Community

We had a special celebration for one of our residents at our Dogwood Forest Assisted Living facility in Dunwoody earlier this month.  Our resident Garrie Phillips celebrated turning 100 years on July 10.

Assisted-Living-GPhillips-birthday-courtesy of Fox5 News
Image Courtesy of Fox5 News

Garrie was featured on a few local Atlanta media outlets such as Fox 5 Atlanta and the Dunwoody Crier for her special occasion. During her birthday party hosted at our Dogwood Forest Dunwoody Community, she was interviewed by Fox 5 news who shared her story on social media the day of her birthday which led to an outpour of birthday wishes and blessings. Earlier this month Garrie Phillips was interviewed by the Dunwoody Crier before she turned 100 and spoke about surviving Pearl Harbor, her first husband, and the work she did for organizations that supported the military. 

As a centenarian, Phillips has experienced and witnessed a lot of major United States and international history, including the attack on Pearl Harbor. On December 7, 1941, Garrie Phillips watched as Pearl Harbor was attacked recalling the planes flying over the base that her first husband, Tom Crayton worked at. Crayton survived the Pearl Harbor attack and it was not until a few years later that he passed away in Japan. The loss of her husband prompted Garrie to become involved in organizations that supported the troops, their families, and veterans.

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