Seniors Deserve Some Summer Fun Too!

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How To Share Summertime Fun with Senior Loved Ones

Summertime fun is meant to be shared with all ages! It can be a challenge for senior family members to keep up with the younger ones, so here is a list of summer activities made to include every member of the family! If more assistance with certain family members is required, or if adult family members want some more socialization during the day, Dogwood Forest offers Georgia’s best enriched adult day care services with convenient locations in Dunwoody, Acworth, Grayson, and more in the surrounding Atlanta Metropolitan area.

Summer Fun for Seniors

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Summer activities can seem a bit daunting for some elderly members of the family, but there are actually plenty of fun activities for the whole family to enjoy. Some have added health benefits as well!

Family Picnics:

Pack some food, head to a park or your outdoor space of choice, and enjoy! This can be modified to an indoor activity if the weather is not on your side, or if being outdoors does not suit everyone in the group. This could also easily be combined with…adult day care summer movie night

Outdoor Movie Night:

Everyone loves watching movies! This activity is easy, fun, and a great way for older family members to share some of their favorite movies with the younger ones. Projectors can be found for as little as $50 on Amazon and can require little to no set up. All you have to do is pick the movie (or movies), hang up a white sheet, and set up a cozy seating area. No movie is complete without the snacks too!

Golfing or Mini Golf:

Golf is a beloved pastime for many and is a great way to get some vitamin D. The leisurely sport provides excellent exercise for the back and arms while still enjoying the sunshine and beautiful scenery. Mini golf is a great way to include the grandchildren, or to add a fun twist to the sport.


Another fun way to keep your older family members engaged and active is gardening. Planting and continuing to care for flowers, herbs, and other plants gives a renewed sense of purpose, as well as adds some color and life to the space. Indoor plants are another great way to accomplish this, without having to go outdoors. Plants and gardening provide several health benefits including air purification, strength building, improved memory, and improved sleep.

Going for a Walk:

In addition to the benefits of sunshine and fresh air, walking is fantastic physical and mental exercise. Whether it’s a walk through a beautiful park, or just around the neighborhood, getting outside with the family is always a great time.


Swimming provides excellent low-impact exercise for the joints. It’s also a fun way to stay active with the grandkids while relaxing in the pool. Dogwood Forest also provides hydrotherapy services, learn more here!

Bike Rides:

Another great low-impact exercise! This is also a great combination between walking and swimming, it offers both the opportunity for exercise and a chance to enjoy the scenery. Family bike rides are a great way to get the whole family active together!

Safety First

Safety is always a top priority with loved ones. While having fun is key, it is also important to note some safety items concerning senior members and the summertime.

  • Sun Care: The first and most important safety tip for summer is taking proper precautions against the sun. Sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses should be worn at all times when outdoors, even if it’s day care drinking water in summertime
  • Heat Exhaustion: Older adults can have a more difficult time adjusting to warmer weather so a few precautions should be taken to insure a happy and healthy summer. The CDC recommends staying in cool, shaded areas as much as possible as well as drinking LOTS of water. Take frequent breaks during physical activity to avoid overheating.
  • Falls: Older adults can be prone to trip and fall on uneven surfaces, but there are ways to minimize this risk. Walking with assistance, such as a cane or holding on to someone’s hand are simple ways to improve the mobility of older family members. It would also be wise to avoid areas with uneven terrain or hard, rocky ground.

Dogwood Forest Adult Day Care

Summer camp doesn’t have to stop when you grow up! Dogwood Forest offers exceptional adult day care services for families that need assistance with an older family member during the day. Dogwood Forest has several locations around the Atlanta area including Dunwoody, Acworth, Grayson, and more in Metropolitan Atlanta. Adult day care at Dogwood Forest is a great way for your adult family members to stave active, make new friends, and embark on new adventures. Daily activities include crafts, outings, movies, exercise sessions, games, and more!

Your loved ones deserve some summer fun! For more information about our adult day care services or other care services, contact us or give us a call at 770-350-7833.