Discussing End-of-Life Plans With Your Parents

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Growing up, you might think that the birds-and-bees conversation was the most uncomfortable one to have with your parents. However, as time flies by and your parents are approaching a different stage in life, end-of-life concerns arise. As uneasy as this issue is, it should not be left undiscussedAt our assisted living center in Dunwoody, Georgia, we have provided many families with guidance on navigating this prickly topic. Therefore, we would like to suggest a few ways to make the end-of-life discussion with your parents easier. 


Disinclination to Approach the Topic and Ways to Overcome It 

assisted living dunwoody georgiaAccording to a national survey conducted by The Conversation Project in 2018, while 92 percent of people say that talking to their loved ones about end-of-life care is important, only 32 percent of them have done so. Let’s face it – the thought of your parents no longer being with you can be too tough to comprehend. Though verbalizing it and bringing it up for discussion with them is challengingyou need to conquer your reluctance to talk about end-of-life planning.  

Bear in mind that what you want to do comes from love, care, and respect for your parents. Ask yourself why you need to have this conversation with themReach out to those who have gone over the process and ask for advice. In addition, think of the consequences that may occur the longer you delay discussing this matter with your loved ones. Under any circumstances, it’s always best to be prepared. That’s why we’re here to give you tips on how to have a thoughtful end-of-life discussion with your beloved parents. 


Tips on How to Discuss End-of-Life Plans with Your Parents 

Let Your Parents Know in Advance 

Generally, surprises should be avoided when it comes to such a sensitive topic. In your own tactful and respectful way, let your parents know that the subject has been on your mind and you want to discuss it. Make use of a news story or a related situation that has occurred to an acquaintance of the family. Overall, this is not something that you should spring on your loved ones over a family gathering. Let them know ahead of time so that they can spend some time contemplating it.   

Involve Your Family Members in the Discussion 

It’s crucial that everybody in the family be included in this conversation. Consult with your parents on whom they wish to be present at the family meeting on their end-of-life planning. In the case of distant relatives, make sure that they are aware of the event and keep them updated on the process.   

Come up with Questions to Ask Your Parents 

assisted living dunwoody georgiaThere will be a lot of decisions that your parents need to make. Therefore, you should make a list of questions in advance to help facilitate the discussion. Here are some suggested questions that you can go over with your folks: 

  • Do you have a power of attorney 
  • Do you have an advance directive?
  • When you can no longer take care of yourself, what are your living preferences (live with children, hospice care, retirement community, etc.) 
  • Are you an organ donor? 
  • How do you envision your funeral service?


In addition, information about finances is equally important. You can have an open, respectful talk over this topic by referring to this list of questions: 

  • Do you have a will and/or a trust in place? 
  • In addition to Social Security, do you have other life savings? 
  • What insurance do you have and where are the policies? (health and life insurance, automobile, homeowners, disability, etc.) 
  • What bills and debts do you have? 
  • How do you expect to be supported financially?


Also, make sure to have all your parents’ wishes recorded in writing and ask them to review everything. Let them know that their wishes will be honored and respected.  


 *Special Note: Online technology has become a major part of all of our lives including senior adults. It is important to encourage your loved ones to have a list with login information (username and password, account number if applicable) for any online and social media accounts in the event of their death. 


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