Our Dads

Posted by Kia Crawford on June 18th, 2012 in Holidays, Spirit | No Comments

Yesterday, we celebrated Father’s Day. Although not as glamorized as its maternal version, Father’s Day still holds a special place in our hearts.  Dads often would prefer to skip the hoopla. They don’t care for flowers and could do without the ugly tie. I called my Dad yesterday and he said “I’m a dad every day, so it’s just another day to me.” More likely than not, this is the sentiment of most dad’s. Simple recognition for their hard work and dedication will do. Although, I will never know what its like to be a Dad (considering I’m female and all), I know it seems like a tough job. They are often the embodiment of  strength and courage – some rarely expressing sentimental emotion. They are protectors and providers that often feel obligated to America’s perception of what a father should look or act like.

As I look at all the father’s that reside at Dogwood Forest Assisted Living in Gainesville, I see years of wisdom and strength. Not until we are older, do we appreciate and understand our parents sacrifice . However, surprisingly, dad’s usually ponder what they could have done better. Many who have grown old turn their once good intentions into regret later. Although they gave all that they had, they are still left with the question if they could have done something better. I see that simply as love and being a good father.

But Dads, so you know, we appreciate all you do. The bumps and bruises you’ve kissed. The bicycles you’ve fixed. The car you allowed us to borrow. The money you have loan. The willingness to let us go and grow.  Thank you for all your  sacrifices.

Another Father’s day has come and gone, but we will celebrate you today and every day.

Happy Father’s Day!