Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Your Loved One in Assisted Living

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Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Your Loved One in Assisted Living

Valentine’s Day is a time for love and showing affection to those who truly matter in your life. That does not have to change when your parent is in assisted living! The romance can continue no matter where Mom or Dad are living nowadays, and our team at Dogwood Forest Assisted Living  has a few tips for keeping the romance alive!

The key with all of these tips is to remember that whether or not your parents are in assisted living, celebrating a holiday like Valentine’s Day together is beneficial for all. You will get precious lifetime memories and they will feel the loved and appreciated.

4 Tips on a Having Lovely Valentine’s Day:

1. Design a Card Together: Not only is designing your own Valentine’s Day card much more special than a store-bought card, but arts and crafts are proven to have many benefits for adults with Alzheimers or dementia. Reduce stress, stimulate a senior’s senses, and stabilize their emotions by allowing them to be creative. In addition, you’ll have a precious keepsake! Need some extra inspiration? Check out these cute templates!

2. Reminisce with Old Photo Albums: Looking back on old photos is a great practice for your parent in assisted living. They will love speaking about “the old days” and telling stories about their childhood! Seniors who reminisce may also show improved outlooks on life. As a result, seniors are often brighter and smile more!

3. Make a Special Dinner: If going out isn’t realistic for your senior, it’s always a great idea to make a special dinner at home and invite other family and loved ones! There is really no gift more thoughtful than a homemade meal. Click here for a list of a few cute, heart healthy recipes!

4. Listen to Love Songs: Music has known soothing qualities on our moods. Dementia patients can often suffer from agitation and aggression, which music can help to distract from. A sing-a-long session with your parent in assisted living is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day! No perfect singing voice required. Make a playlist with all of their favorite songs and enjoy them together!

In conclusion, no matter how you decide to spend Valentine’s Day in assisted living, spending it with those you care about is what truly matters. The senior in your life will appreciate the quality time, memories made, and the opportunity to share the day with you.

Why Dogwood Forest for Assisted Living in Georgia?

At Dogwood Forest, we understand that seniors need a place to relax and enjoy stress-free living every day. We have created the perfect living environment for assisted living in Georgia. All of our homes and services have been designed to create the perfect atmosphere to promote positive, healthy lifestyles for all of our senior residents.

We believe in purpose-built environments and we are dedicated to providing a true sense of community for our senior residents. Our new Grayson community features 99 total units. This includes 74 assisted living and 25 memory care apartments. It also features a beautiful stone facade, effectively disguise the steel infrastructure within.

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